MapXtreme 2008 (.NET)

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MapXtreme is the leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence with existing business systems. It allows developers to build custom mapping applications, provide tailored views of geographic data and automate and augment business processes. MapXtreme’s powerful spatial capabilities are geared toward solving real business problems, with a powerful, user-friendly feature set. Flexible deployment options include both desktop and web from a single SDK.

MapXtreme 2008 is a software development kit (SDK) that supports the development of Desktop or web based applications and solutions such as smart-client, client server, intranet/extranet or mixed environments. The SDK is aimed at Microsoft Windows programmers familiar with the .NET development environments such as Visual Studio.NET and that are interested in developing custom mapping applications and solutions that interoperate location with their existing systems and infrastructure.

Web Application Development

MapXtreme web development and deployment facilitates the development of applications that can be deployed on Microsoft’s IIS web servers. All web deployable .NET languages such as ASP.NET or C# can be used with MapXtreme 2008. The SDK includes numerous templates to choose from which automatically configure and load the mapping environment. The included sample applications provide numerous code examples which simplify and shorten the learning process. Application developers will find ASP.NET and MapXtreme 2008 tightly integrated. For example, the MapXtreme 2008 help system is seamlessly integrated with Visual Studio .NET for quick and easy access to command level documentation. In addition, MapXtreme 2008 provides numerous commonly used map control tools developers can drag and drop on the map, further simplifying and speeding up the application development process.

Desktop Application Development

MapXtreme 2008 for Desktop Application Development provides full support for Microsoft’s .NET languages such as VB.NET C# and Visual C++. Much like the WEB development option, the SDK installation includes numerous desktop templates to choose from that automatically configure and load the mapping environment for the deployment type chosen. The included sample applications provide numerous application code examples which simplify and shorten the learning process.


New in MapXtreme 2008, the SDK provides the ability to develop desktop or Smart Client applications as well as WEB applications using the same development environment. The SDK includes numerous frequently used tools, controls and dialogs that can be incorporated in any application by simple drag and drop process. The controls can be used as provided or derived and enhanced for application specific customization.

MapXtreme 2008 greatly simplifies the deployment and redistribution process by integrating with Visual Studio .NET’s automatic installer creation capabilities. The SDK comes with deployment time merge modules (installer code) that can be incorporated within a larger installation package as merge modules or run as a stand alone setup program. Using GUI based wizards, developers can quickly create a complete installer program that contains the code and files required for mapping engine redistribution. Once installed, the target system will have all the mapping components required to run the custom mapping application.

In addition to redistributing the mapping components, MapXtreme 2008 is now “aware” of the environment that it is being used in. When running MapXtreme 2008 in application mode (Deployment mode), the appropriate deployment (Desktop or WEB) license is needed. This license can be obtained from MapInfo’s Customer support center near you. For additional information please review the “Pricing Policies and Support” section of this document.

Web Deployment Benefits

These organizations share more than data, they need to share information. Deployment of any application throughout an organization can be cost prohibitive. Companies are increasingly looking to server based applications to help simplify administration and lower deployment costs. Applications running on a managed server networks offer lower hardware and administrative costs while improving application performance, reliability and security. Because MapXtreme 2008 leverages the ease of use and efficiency of Internet technology, companies who once found mapping cost prohibitive can now offer it throughout their organizations at a lower cost per user then in the past.

Desktop Deployment Benefits

Customers that require rich client side user interface and frequent user interactivity or data editing, the desktop deployment option best fits this need. Using Visual Studio.NET developers can quickly build fully interactive Windows applications. MapXtreme 2008 provides full access to many pre-created UI elements such as dialogs and commonly used map controls to quickly create a desktop application that is tailored to customer needs.

The Platform Benefit

What we find often is that customers have mixed deployment needs for their enterprise. In other words, some users require smart client functionality while others, in the same organization, just need limited querying and information discovery facilities. MapXtreme 2008 is the optimal tool for such requirements because it shares the same object model for desktop and web. Additionally, the ability to parse the advanced workspace file format, which stores analysis as well as map layer data, further simplify information sharing between the two deployments. An additional benefit is “grow as you go approach” Which means that customers now have the option to start with a desktop or a smart client deployment and later on use the same code and development skills to deploy a WEB version or vise versa.


mapxtremeAnnouncing MapXtreme 2008, the SDK (software developer kit) that provides you with powerful mapping and location intelligence capabilities.

Key features include:

  • a 100% .NET SDK
  • seamless integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 providing a toolbox of mapping functionality
  • full support for the .NET 2.0 Framework (also runs under the .NET 3.0 and 3.5 Frameworks ensuring that you can take advantage of all the latest .NET tools and APIs)
  • support for the development of rich web applications
  • lots of templates and example code for rapid application development
  • deploy to either desktop or web
  • the latest mapping advances including translucent layers, curved labeling, enhanced label placement, and anti-aliasing of maps

MapXtreme® 2008 is an ideal development tool for creating map-enabled applications. Leading organizations in the public and private sectors use mapping and location-based decision and analysis support systems to make better strategic decisions on where to market and sell, manage and protect physical assets, as well as transport products more efficiently.

With MapXtreme 2008, an organization can visualize and analyze data in order to discover new relationships and trends not apparent using traditional methods such as spreadsheets and reports. MapXtreme 2008 enables you to create mapping applications And MapXtreme 2008 complies with both geospatial and IT industry standards ensuring interoperability.

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