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MapMarker is MapInfo’s powerful geocoding engine that turns ordinary data records containing address information into geographic objects that can be displayed on a map. The key is that MapMarker does it quickly and accurately. MapMarker is equipped with an up-to-date address matching dictionary to ensure high hit rates when geocoding your company’s data, and maps are included to allow you to visually display all of your geocoded data. MapMarker can geocode files of millions of records in one-pass batch mode processing for the entire United States.

MapMarker USA TIGER is based on the same geocoding engine, has the same user interface, and the same features as MapMarker USA. MapMarker USA TIGER is our Tiger ’12 based geocoding solution positioned for customers that require a Tiger based product, do not place a premium on street level geocoding, or are simply more price sensitive. In selecting MapMarker USA TIGER over MapMarker USA, customers can expect to receive 20-30% fewer addresses geocoded to the street level. MapMarker’s address dictionary is updated semi-annually, and TIGER updates are incorporated when received from the U.S. Census Bureau.

MapMarker USA also comes available for UNIX.


MapMarker and MapMarker Plus may be deployed in the following configurations:


MapMarker PLUS

MapMarker Plus is MapInfo’s lead geocoding product. MapMarker Plus is based on the same powerful geocoding engine as MapMarker and includes all the same features.

The difference is in the data.

The MapMarker Address Dictionary is based on TIGER 97 while MapMarker Plus incorporates enhanced data from GDT, Inc. With this added value, MapMarker Plus can locate millions more addresses with street level precision. This increased number of streets, combined with a greater number of addresses, results in MapMarker Plus delivering up to a 30% increase in hit rate at the street level compared to MapMarker.

As our premier geocoding solution, MapMarker Plus has the most frequently updated data as well as the highest quality data. MapMarker Plus has once again passed the U.S. Postal Service’s stringent address matching requirements and retains its CASS certification. In accordance with CASS regulations, MapMarker Plus features bi-monthly data updates.


MapMarker is based on the same geocoding engine, has the same user interface, and the same features as MapMarker Plus. MapMarker is our Tiger ’97 based geocoding solution positioned for customers that require a Tiger based product, do not place a premium on street level geocoding, or are simply more price sensitive. In selecting MapMarker over MapMarker Plus, customers can expect to receive 20-30% fewer addresses geocoded to the street level.

Fewer customers are willing to make this sacrifice. Over the past two quarters, 85% of our geocoding revenue is from MapMarker Plus.

MapMarker’s address dictionary is updated semi-annually. Tiger updates are incorporated when received from the U.S. Census Bureau.

MapMarker Plus for UNIX

As the name implies, MapMarker Plus for UNIX server was created to satisfy demand for geocoding in a non-Windows environment. MapMarker Plus for UNIX runs on both Sun Solaris and HP/UX operating systems.

MapMarker Plus for UNIX supports all the same functions as the Windows NT version. However, it does not ship with a user interface. MapMarker Plus for UNIX provides an extensive set of API’s with which developer’s can add geocoding to their applications. Clients may create custom geocoding applications or utilize MapMarker Plus for UNIX as the geocoding engine for the MapMarker J Server, MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade, and the MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge.

MapMarker J Server

The MapMarker J Server is a Java-based development tool for creating applications that send geocoding requests to the MapMarker engine. It accesses MapMarker either across the Internet via HTTP or through TCP/IP on corporate intranets. MapMarker J Server enables geocoding from within the MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge, MapXtreme Java solutions, and custom developed applications.

From a customer perspective, the most significant benefits delivered by MapMarker J Server are as follows:

  • Internet Security – Communication via TCP/IP and HTTP connectivity. HTTP connectivity enables more secure Internet applications by effectively managing firewall issues.
  • Client Platform Support – MapMarker J Server supports virtually all client platforms.

As with MapMarker Plus for Unix, MapMarker J Server does not ship with a user interface. However, MapMarker J Server does includes the Java API for building a geocoding client and a sample client application.

MapMarker J Server is sold only with MapMarker Plus data.

MapMarker J Server has exactly the same price level and structure as MapMarker Plus.

MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge

The MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge is a Java-based tool that enables interaction with MapMarker’s powerful geocoding engine from within an Oracle8i database. The cartridge adds geographic coordinates to address records in a customer’s database by matching them against the MapMarker Plus address dictionary.

The MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge uses the MapMarker J Server to communicate with the MapMarker geocoding engine.

Address records may be geocoded individually or an entire table may be geocoded using functions and procedures provided with the MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge. Single address geocoding can be invoked automatically via a “trigger” when an address is updated or added to a table.

The MapInfo Geocoding Cartridge is sold only with MapMarker Plus.

MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade Module

The MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade enables you to match addresses and store latitude and longitude coordinates with the addresses in your database. It extends the capabilities of the Informix Universal Server database management system by adding a new geographical location data type and three routines that provide the geocoding functionality.

The MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade Module provides an interface from the Informix Universal Server DBMS to the MapMarker Plus Server. It relies on the MapMarker Plus Server and Address Dictionary as its source for geographical location data. Both the MapMarker Server and a MapMarker Address Dictionary must be installed and operational for the MapInfo Geocoding DataBlade module to operate successfully.

The MapInfo Geocoding DataBlades are sold only with MapMarker Plus.

MapMarker Plus and MapMarker OCX

Developers may license the MapMarker OCX or the MapMarker Plus OCX to embed geocoding in the applications they develop.

The MapMarker OCX and the MapMarker Plus OCX license is subject to the following conditions:

  • Each license is valid for only one application
  • The SDK License entitles the application developer to one year of data updates. Distribution of data updates to the end users of the application is the responsibility of the application developer. As with all MapInfo Data products, the developer must renew the SDK license and individual seat licenses to continue to receive and distribute data updates.
  • MapMarker Streets and MapMarker Plus Streets are licensed for developer use only. These street files may not be included in OEM product unless purchased separately.

    OEM Product may not simply duplicate MapMarker functionality.

  • No batch geocoding may be performed by end user application (contractual limitation). Application may include a password-protected capability to perform a one-time batch geocode of existing records.


  • Street-Level Matching: MapMarker attempts to match your address records containing street-style addresses against a search table of addresses and geographic (longitude and latitude) coordinates. For successful matches, MapMarker assigns coordinates to the record and optionally creates a point.
  • ZIP Code Centroid Matching: As an alternative to street-level geocoding, you can tell MapMarker to geocode your records to the appropriate ZIP Code centroid for the record. This is the fastest method of geocoding because it eliminates the need to match based on street address.
  • Address Dictionary: The search table, called the Address Dictionary, contains streets addresses and ZIP + 4 centroids for the entire U.S. With CD-ROM unlocking, customers can purchase and unlock the amount of matching data required – entire U.S., 6 state pack, or individual states.
  • U.S. Postal Service CASS Certification: MapMarker meets the U.S. Postal Service CASS requirements for address standardization including the ability to append ZIP + 4 information to your data. This results in delivering higher hit rates with improved accuracy. Moreover, the MapMarker Address Dictionary is updated every two months in compliance with CASS requirements.
  • Automatic and Interactive Geocoding: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus run in both automatic and Interactive mode. Automatic mode may be used on the first pass to geocode most of the table. For unmatched records, interactive mode may be used to individually choose the best match from a list of suggestions.
  • Candidate Visualization: Candidate Visualization allows users to see where potential matches fall on the map before selecting a candidate. This feature is accessible via a “Map” button in the Interactive dialog and Quick Find Dialog.
  • Quick Find Address Tool: This search feature allows you to type in a single address record and MapMarker will return the complete address if it makes a match.
  • Quick Geocode: For geocoding without all the setup, the Quick geocode button allows you to click and go. The table will be geocoded with the current preferences without displaying the Geocode dialog. This feature requires that the table be opened previously in MapMarker or MapMarker Plus in order to set the columns and geocoding preferences.
  • Batch Geocoding: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus support batch geocoding for processing one or more tables without constant user interaction. This feature is useful for overnight processing of large databases or when a table is updated regularly.
  • Geographic Points: MapMarker will create point objects for geocoded records automatically. You can then display them using MapInfo mapping software. As an option, MapMarker can write the longitude and latitude coordinates directly to your table.
  • Multiple File Formats: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus will read any MapInfo table (.tab format) or any dBase (.dbf) format table. Via ODBC connectivity, both products can geocode data stores on remote databases – including MS Access, Informix, SQL Server, Sybase, and Oracle. Local and remote Excel workbooks may also be geocoded via ODBC.
  • Creating Output Columns on the Fly: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus will automatically add columns to your local MapInfo (.tab) or dBase (.dbf) table to store latitude, longitude, and result codes. Other output columns can be created on the fly once your table is open in MapMarker or MapMarker Plus.
  • Custom Address Dictionaries: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus make it easy to create and use customized address dictionaries. This functionality uses the same indexing methods as the MapMarker address dictionary. Users can create large address dictionaries from MapInfo tables and geocode to them without significant performance degradation.
  • Result Codes: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus return result codes for each record they attempt to match. The result code is stored in your table and allows users to instantly see whether a match was made and how precisely each address component matched.
  • Geocoding to Places: In addition to geocoding records with street style addressing, MapMarker and MapMarker plus will also geocode records containing place names. MapMarker’s address dictionary contains place names for a wide variety of significant buildings and organizations.
  • Attribution: The attribution feature allows users to attach data from another table to geocoded records. Any table in MapInfo format is suitable for this process. Information stored in the attribution table can be attached to the record in your database when MapMarker or MapMarker Plus makes a match.
  • Writing Georesults to Another Table: MapMarker and MapMarker Plus offers users the ability to geocode a remote database table and write the results to a related remote table. Often users do not have permission to update remote tables. The Database Administrator may create a separate result table to which MapMarker writes the geocoding results.

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