Freeway 2015 and
Freeway 2015 Premium OSM

Provider: Applied Spatial Technology

The Challenge

Finding the “right” site can be a time-consuming and nerve-racking process.

Market researchers routinely evaluate market potential and site selection suitability by examining local demographics, competitor locations and logistical factors within a proposed trade area.

Defining a proposed trade area based on traditional radial ring studies can cause significant errors of omission and commission, and can lead to poor sales potential and site selection decisions.

The Solution

Freeway 2012Spatial Insights Freeway Drive Time application uses sophisticated spatial analysis technology to more accurately define trade areas based on travel time from a proposed site.

Freeway can be used to produce:

  • polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under user specified traffic conditions
  • point-to-point drive times between a single origin and single destination point
  • tables of drive times between a set of one or more origins and a set of one or more destinations

Freeway is available as a standalone Windows application, as a MapBasic application for MapInfo Professional, or as a callable DLL for developers in 16-/32-bit Window applications.

Freeway 2012 comes packaged with a nationwide roadway system using current year TIGER data for the US version, and current year Statistics Canada data for the Canadian version.

Freeway 2012 Premium OSM uses current year Open Street Map data.

Freeway is fully documented and is designed for the end user.

Freeway calculates drive times quickly and efficiently, and provides flexibility for user specified road conditions and speed limit assignments.

As an add-on to Freeway, Spatial Insights also offers Point2Point Drive : a ‘street smart’ drive distance proximity tool used to find the nearest destinations. Freeway works behind the scenes to calculate the distances from each origin to each destination.

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