Data Indexing

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

The Challenge

Mapping your target market, identifying pockets of your customer profile, or evaluating site suitability often requires evaluating a number of demographic variables.

Commonly this evaluation is performed by mapping each of the variables, and manually overlaying the results or by combining the variables mathematically using database management or spreadsheet packages.

The process can be time consuming, and to-date, there was no easy way to iteratively evaluate and rapidly visualize the results of the analysis.

The Solution

Spatial Insights Data Indexing application was developed in response to client driven projects that required the evaluation of multiple demographic variables to identify and map target markets and preferred customer profiles.

With Spatial Insights Data Indexing application for MapInfoTM, users can independently weight and rank up to 30 variables to create composite index scores in one operation.

Data Indexing

Data Indexing allows you to:

  • identify and rank target markets
  • map preferred customer profiles
  • evaluate site suitability
  • identify market potential
  • mathematically evaluate, combine and index demographic variables
  • assign unique weightings and rankings to create composite index scores
  • evaluate up to 30 variables simultaneously

Data Indexing runs directly within MapInfo Professional.

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