Vienna, VA. Spatial Insights, Inc. today announced the completion of a nationwide database of bank locations, attributed with deposit balance. Leveraging continually updated bank and savings deposit balance data, Spatial Insights geographically referenced and summarized more than 84,000 branches and offices of FDIC-insured institutions. In response to industry need, the data are available packaged in two data products: Bank Location Data and Summary Deposit Data.

“After working with our clients in the financial services sector, we recognized an opportunity to offer this type of dataset,” commented Don Segal, President of Spatial Insights. “We designed the product to be flexible so that it can be easily mapped within a GIS system or analyzed in a database management system environment.” Spatial Insights bank data can be applied by the financial services industries for a variety of uses including proximity studies and site selection analysis.

The Bank Location Data provide one geocoded record for each financial institution. Attribute fields include total deposit balance, bank charter class and type, as well as locational information such as address, latitude/longitude, and block group identifier.

In developing the Summary Deposit Data, Spatial Insights enhanced the point data by creating aggregations by useful Census and postal geographies including ZIP code, county, and MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area). Requests for data summarized by custom client-defined boundaries are also welcomed. In addition to summarizing the bank totals, Spatial Insights has also calculated the number of financial institutions and deposit amounts for each of six bank charter classes: three commercial, two savings, and one foreign-chartered.

Both data products are available for years spanning 1994 through 2000, with the next update expected in December of 2001.

The data work directly with ARC/INFOTM, ArcViewTM, MapInfo ProfessionalTM, and are available in a number of industry standard formats, including .TAB, .SHP, and .DBF. Detailed product information, including pricing, is available.

ARC/INFOTM and ArcViewTM are registered trademarks of the Environmental Systems Research Institute. MapInfoTM is a registered trademark of the MapInfo Corporation.