Spatial Insights, Inc. announces the release of Point2Point Drive, an application that enables users to find-the-closest location using drive distance as the metric. Instead of the commonly reported straight-line distance calculated between latitude and longitude coordinates, this new tool offers a more realistic, ‘on-the-ground’ measurement of how far apart locations actually are from one another based on drive time or driving distance.

Point2Point Drive works in conjunction with Freeway™, a drive time analysis software able to calculate drive times and drive distances among two sets of coordinates. Freeway ™ is also available from Spatial Insights.

Point2Point Drive reads in a geocoded origin and destination file and allows for processing of all records in both files, or just the closest specified number or the closest specified percent from the destinations. Additionally, users can filter the results so that the results only reflect destinations within a certain radius, drive time, and/or drive distance of the origins.

“There are many tools that can find the closest location using crow-flies distance,” noted Don Segal, President of Spatial Insights, “but using drive time provides a more realistic indication of proximity, and provides our customers with better, more accurate results regarding access to locations for competitive analyses, scheduling, and trade area delineation”.