Spatial Insights, Inc. has released an ActiveX .OCX version of the TrendMapTM Trade Area Analysis system. TrendMapTM is used for the mapping of spatial trends from geo-referenced point-based data. The system can be used to create accurate trade area maps from customer location or Point-of-Sale (POS) data, map the concentration of competitors, or to evaluate trends in other types of point based samples, such as geochemical or environmental surveys.

The TrendMapTM OCX is an application developers tool that enables TrendMapTM functionality to be accessed from and used within customized mapping applications developed with Visual Basic or C programming environments.

Developed in response to our client driven project requirements, TrendMapTM uses an innovative spatial filtering technique to produce uniquely accurate trade area maps from customer POS data. TrendMap TM can be used to evaluate trade areas of existing stores, derive demographic profiles, evaluate the effects of cannibalization, and for the development of site selection and sales prediction models.

The system is also available as a stand-alone MapInfoTM, ArcViewTM or Atlas*GIS TM compatible program, and reads .dbf, .xls, .mdb, .wk3, .shp and .tab files. Output options include both .tab and .mid./.mif formats, as well as .shp and .bna files. The TrendMapTM OCX is fully documented, and includes on-line help.