Spatial Insights, Inc. has developed an easy to use, menu-driven application for extracting and appending MapInfo Corporation’s StreetPro data to form user-defined, seamless coverages.Using the application, StreetPro data are extracted directly from CD-ROM, and data for multiple themes covering multiple states, counties or census Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs, PMSAs, MSAs) are appended in one operation.

Spatial Insights developed a customized query, reporting and mapping application that granted easy access to Schnabel’s corporate experience. Through a single menu, users access data stored in a relational database management system, choosing from about a dozen technical or geographic parameters. Engineers, for example, can search boring reports near a new project to get an idea what to expect. Sales associates can search for projects similar to ones on which they prepare bids, using the information to demonstrate Schnabel’s expertise.

The StreetPro Extract and Append application was developed in response to consulting projects that required the integration of data covering multiple states, specific market areas, or groups of counties. We found that the quality of the StreetPro data was unsurpassed, however the county-by-county packaging of the data left a lot to be desired. We were spending a great deal of time selecting and appending data to form contiguous project areas, and thought that an application that enabled the creation of truly seamless coverages in one operation directly from the CD-ROM datasets would be a real time saver”, said Don Segal, Spatial Insights President.

The “seamless” tables created using the data loading program delivered with StreetPro do not actually append the data, and the display characteristics can not be universally changed nor can the data be edited. Using Spatial Insights StreetPro loading application over thirty specific themes, including census boundaries, roadway systems, and a comprehensive suite of infrastructure location and attribute data can be extracted and appended in one operation for any user-specified area.