Vienna, VA. Spatial Insights, Inc. today announced the release of “Map-O-Matic”, an application developed for batch map production within the MapInfo ProfessionalTM environment.

Map-O-Matic starts with an existing MapInfoTM workspace, allowing the user to have complete control over the map content and styles. It automatically cycles through any or all specified objects in a table, and zooms to each of the selected objects. Unique map titles are automatically generated using text from a specified column, and scale bars and north arrows can be added to each map. The maps can be printed, or saved to a number of graphics formats, including PDF, WMF, JPG, or BMP. Individual MapInfo workspaces can be saved for each of the maps produced, to facilitate fine-tuning at a later time if desired. “We’ve worked on quite a few mapping projects that required the repetitive production of maps – for example location maps for every store in a nationwide chain, or thematic maps of sales territories by ZIP Code. Typically, we would set up a workspace, and repetitively zoom and pan to each specific area, changing titles, adding scale bars, and then printing or saving the map. We felt the process was tedious and time-consuming, and figured that there had to be a way to intelligently automate the procedure.“ commented Don Segal, President of Spatial Insights. “We designed the Map-O-Matic to be easy to use and yet provide the user with important flexibility in controlling the batch map production process.” Detailed product information, including pricing, is available.

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