The newest release of Freeway, the vanguard drive time analysis software from Applied Spatial Technology, Inc., is now available from Spatial Insights, Inc. The standard 2010 versions for the US and Canada have been updated with the most recent TIGER and Statistics Canada street networks. The Premium versions remain enhanced with high quality 2009 NAVTEQ streets.

Freeway is widely used in site selection to delineate trade areas and to analyze spatial relationships between locations based on drive time, drive distance, and as-the-crow-flies distance. Freeway uses coordinate input data to create drive time polygons and table matrices of drive times and drive distances between multiple origins and multiple destinations. Users have the flexibility to specify speed limits by road type.

“In addition to the stand-alone drive time software, we also have made available the Freeway API, a software development kit,” said Don Segal, president of Spatial Insights. “This allows the drive time analysis functionality to be embedded within other applications as well as the development of fully customized drive time applications.”