Spatial Insights is pleased to offer accurate and current US postal geography from its newest strategic partner, GbBIS. GbBIS has applied its proven technology and expertise to creating ZIP Code boundaries, ZIP+4 centroids, and carrier route boundaries that are compatible with all desktop mapping and GIS systems.

All the postal data offered are updated monthly to the highest US Postal Services standards and have been aligned to the NAVTEQ street data for both accurate and easy-to-use map presentation. In addition to monthly updates, quarterly, semi-annual and annual updates are also available.

“Our customers will benefit greatly from having access to this quality and cost-effective postal geography, which is used extensively for target marketing, direct mail, sales territory analysis, customer profiling, and web mapping, among other uses, “ noted Don Segal, president of Spatial Insights. “Whether one county or nationwide coverage is needed, Spatial Insights is pleased to be able to offer this high quality data for our clients.”

The 5-digit ZIP code product includes centroids for PO Boxes, rural delivery and unique ZIP codes. The carrier routes product includes both residential and business routes. The ZIP+4 centroids are calculated to the mid point of the street segment it matched to, and offset appropriately to the correct side of the street. Correspondence Databases that establish the relationships between ZIP Codes / Carrier Routes and census / political geographies and more are available.

The GbBIS postal data are available in most GIS formats. Please contact us for more information.