Spatial Insights is pleased to offer Synergos Technologies’ newest data offering, STI: BlockPoint. This unique product was created by Synergos Technologies in response to one of the leading trade area research issues since the release of the 2000 Census: showing accurate population change (especially growth) in rural areas in the United States.

Block groups in rural areas, ranging on average from ten to 100 square miles, are huge in comparison with their urban counterparts. In the years since the last census, it’s known that many rural areas have experienced growth. STI: BlockPoint enables users to identify exactly where within the block groups the growth is occurring.

Don Segal, president of Spatial Insights noted, “STI: BlockPoint will provide our customers with the most precise and accurate population-estimating data product available to identify and characterize population characteristics.”

Compatible with all database, desktop mapping and GIS systems, STI: BlockPoint is available on a nationwide basis, with annual, semi-annual or quarterly updates.