Spatial Insights, Inc. has developed a set of easy to use, menu-driven applications used for extracting and appending Wessex TIGER ’95 Streets and Boundary data on the fly from within MapInfoTM.

Using the applications, Wessex’s TIGER ’95 data are extracted directly from CD-ROM, and data for multiple states and/or counties are appended in one operation.

The Wessex Extract and Append applications were developed in response to project consulting demands that required the integration of TIGER based data covering multiple states or counties. “We found that we were spending a great deal of time assembling data to form contiguous project areas, and thought that an application that enabled the extraction and appending of data in one operation directly from Wessex’s CD’s would be a real time saver”, said Don Segal, Spatial Insights President.

Two applications are available, including one that extracts and appends census boundaries, and one that works with road and water feature data sets. The later application also enables users to select the type(s) of road files desired, based on the road classification. The applications were developed using MapBasicTM, and run within MapInfoTM . The applications are available separately, or bundled together.