Spatial Insights is pleased to offer Version 10.1 of TrafficMetrix, the most extensive and current traffic count data for the U.S. Developed and maintained by MPSI, the database now totals 1,260,726 traffic count locations, with 33,547 having been updated in this release. As for currency, 440,730 of the total counts this newest version are from 2005 or more recent. These updates are important for businesses that are involved with GIS-based site selection and related retail potential modeling.

MPSI painstakingly compiles TrafficMetrix from the hundreds of municipalities that measure traffic volume. The collected data are then standardized, geocoded, and aligned to the street networks for easy use within GIS software. TrafficMetrix is readily available in most GIS formats. Newly updated populated areas include Daytona Beach, Detroit, Memphis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, among others.

“Through our partnership with MPSI, we can continue to provide our customers with top-of-the-line traffic counts,” said Spatial Insights president Don Segal. “Our clients appreciate the accuracy and ‘currency’ provided by these important updates.”

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Spatial Insights also offers other MPSI data products for GIS use: TrafficMetrix International®, traffic count data for select countries worldwide, and StreetMetrix®, nationwide streets optionally bundled with TrafficMetrix®.

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