On June 8, 2008, Spatial Insights will offer Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s most recent upgrade of its vanguard mapping GIS product, MapInfo Professional v9.5. This newest release will provide Spatial Insights’s customers with the most up-to-date mapping capability to manage their geographically based assets, thus driving more insightful business decisions, and ultimately increasing profits.

Version 9.5 boasts several key enhancements over the previous Version 9.0 including easier and faster access to frequently used operations, 40 new data editing tools, and the availability of more attractive labels and symbols. Enhanced database access capability in this upcoming release will allow direct connectivity to the latest offerings of Oracle, SQL, or any WFS-T compliant server. Welcome news for the application development set is that MapInfo Professional will now be customizable using Visual Studio .NET.

“Being everyday users of MapInfo Professional, we can intimately appreciate the increased value Version 9.5 will provide to our customers”, remarked Don Segal, president of Spatial Insights. “With this release, Pitney Bowes MapInfo has made great strides for all MI Pro users, from the casual mapmaker to the application programmer.”

Though the product will not ship until next month, orders are currently being accepted. Please contact us for more information.