Spatial Insights, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with Spatial Re-Engineering Consultants, LLC (SRC).

Based in Orange, California, SRC provides Integrated Micromarketing Systems, which enable clients to readily use demographic and geographic information about their clients and their markets.

Spatial Insights, Inc. is a geographic information services company specializing in providing innovative project consulting and mapping services, customized software solutions and data products to commercial organizations.

Spatial Insights will act as a value added reseller for SRC, and is offering the full suite of SRC products, including Allocate, Solocast, Pinpoint, and Portfolio.

Allocate is an SRC data engine that compresses, stores, manages, retrieves and displays geographically organized data. Solocast is a micro marketing software system that takes your level of analysis one step beyond that offered in Allocate. PinPoint includes a palette of data transformation tools including householding, merge/purge, data appending and geocoding. Portfolio is a C++, Java, JavaScript, XML and HTML Template library that gives developers objects which can aid in the creation of applications requiring Allocate, Solocast, PinPoint and other external software and data components including MapX, MapMarker, MapGuide, ArcIMS, Oracle, Informix and many others.

“SRC is delighted to be partnering with Spatial Insights. Their broad range of databases, software products and professional services add tremendous value to our line of desktop and web based micromarketing products” said Dean Stoecker, President of SRC. “Companies looking to extend the reach of micromarketing will realize significant benefits from this new partnership.”

Spatial Insights President Don Segal said ” We are very impressed with the advanced capabilities and depth of the SRC product line and excited about the added benefits they offer our clients in support of their market and customer-based studies. We believe that having rapid access to fully integrated demographics and expenditure data, customer databases, reporting, geocoding, and lifestyle segmentation analysis on any platform will be a tremendous asset to our clients.”