Spatial Insights, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with Sammamish Data Systems.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Sammamish provides online mapping services and develops postal geography data products designed for use in mapping and GIS systems.

Spatial Insights, Inc. is a geographic information services company specializing in providing innovative project consulting and mapping services, customized software solutions and data products to commercial organizations.

Spatial Insights will act as a reseller for Sammamish, and is offering their 5-digit ZIP Code boundaries, ZIP+2 and Carrier Route boundaries, and ZIP+4 centroids. These data are used by market researchers to analyze trade areas, perform customer penetration and site selection studies, and to formulate marketing, advertising and delivery strategies.

Additional information about the Sammamish data offerings is available.

“Sammamish is delighted to be partnering with Spatial Insights. Their broad-based experience both delivering and supporting a wide range of mapping applications for commercial clients, coupled with their in-depth understanding of customer needs, brings tremendous value to our line of postal mapping products”, said TJ Monforte, Director of Sales for Sammamish.

Spatial Insights President Don Segal said, “We are very impressed with the quality, vintage and content of the Sammamish offerings, and believe their data will be a tremendous asset to our clients. Sammamish has done an excellent job developing and maintaining these products.”