Spatial Insights, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with DBx Geomatics, Inc.

Based in Hull, Quebec, DBx Geomatics develops advanced software for publishing interactive XML-based maps directly from MapInfoTM Professional.

Spatial Insights, Inc. is a geographic information services company specializing in providing innovative project consulting and mapping services, customized software solutions and data products to commercial organizations.

Spatial Insights will act as a value added reseller for DBx Geomatics, and will be reselling and supporting the SVGMapMaker application.

DBx Geomatics’ SVGMapMaker application creates intelligent on-line maps that have exceptional dynamic interactivity. SVGMapMaker outputs are entirely XML-based, which offers greater structural control and sophistication than traditional map publishing applications. All documents generated are fully scriptable and contain the layer structure, styles and attributes of the data, as it is viewed in MapInfo. Users can add an info tool, info-tips, hyperlinks, and color rollover functionality directly from the MapInfo Map Window. The software also allows for the application of advanced display styles to the map components, such as drop shadows, color gradients, textures and opacity settings.

Spatial Insights President Don Segal said ” We are very impressed with the ease of use, depth of functionality, and simplicity of the SVGMapMaker application. The quality of the map output, interactivity, and ability to easily disseminate the maps throughout an organization will be a tremendous asset to our clients.”