Spatial Insights, Inc. has announced the availability of a web-based hosted service for online proximity analysis.

The service allows clients to fully integrate the proximity analysis application seamlessly within their website. In addition to the traditional “find-the-closest” analysis, clients can also query and map requested locations based upon site criteria and/or a specified radius from their location. Customization of the application is also available to address specific requirements.

The service was developed in conjunction with GeoMicro, Inc., Santa Ana, CA, and leverages their scalable AltaMap(tm) Server and AltaMap(tm) Geocoder applications. This is the first of many online mapping and spatial analysis applications that will be offered by Spatial Insights using the GeoMicro technology.

Spatial Insights President Don Segal said “We are very excited about this service and believe that it will be particularly beneficial to chain retailers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other businesses that have wide ranging assets they want their clients to be able to locate quickly and easily through their website”. “The advanced architecture of the AltaMap(tm) products allows us to deploy and deliver the service very rapidly and efficiently”.

Dave Ransier, VP Business Development, added “Spatial Insights technical team has worked extensively with our applications over the past year and have an excellent understanding or our products. I think it is a natural progression to combine Spatial Insights’ technical expertise and commitment service into an ASP offering. We look forward to working with Spatial Insights to ensure the service provides unmatched value to their clients.”

A live demo of the proximity analysis service is available online.

GeoMicro develops high performance Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for the Internet, setting industry standards in terms of scalability, reliability and total cost of ownership. For more information about GeoMicro’s offerings, see