Spatial Insights, Inc. a Vienna, Virginia based Geographic Information Services Company recently added a new staff position and large format printing capabilities to support continued growth in project services and map production .

Ellen Shanahan joined Spatial Insights as a GIS Technician. Ms. Shanahan is responsible for data collection, verification and manipulation, and also handles customer support for off-the-shelf data products sold by Spatial Insights through their reseller network. Ms. Shanahan’s prior experience includes researching, producing and editing maps for National Geographic magazine, and earning a Bachelors degree, with honors, in Geography.

Spatial Insights’ expanded map production offerings include customized, high quality maps which can be used for market research, site selection, trade area analysis or as part of a web page. Customers select the data elements in each map, including point of sale data, customer locations, competitor locations, demographics, traffic counts, shopping centers, drive times and business locations.

Customized maps are provided for any geographical area, and hardcopy map sizes range from letter size to wall (E) size. Color transparencies and digital files are also available.