Spatial Insights, Inc. has provided Schnabel Engineering Associates with easy access to decades of corporate experience. As a result, engineers and sales associates alike now refer to corporate history through a common, user-friendly gateway.

Customized DatabaseFor more than four decades, Schnabel Engineering Associates of Richmond, Va. has provided a wide variety of engineering services to clients, both throughout the United States and abroad. Along the way, the company accumulated a wealth of information about its projects, which it cataloged in corporate databases. Retrieving the information was cumbersome, however, and few Schnabel employees had access to the data or could leverage it to good advantage.

Spatial Insights developed a customized query, reporting and mapping application that granted easy access to Schnabel’s corporate experience. Through a single menu, users access data stored in a relational database management system, choosing from about a dozen technical or geographic parameters. Engineers, for example, can search boring reports near a new project to get an idea what to expect. Sales associates can search for projects similar to ones on which they prepare bids, using the information to demonstrate Schnabel’s expertise.

“We’re delighted that we could facilitate Schnabel’s ability to leverage its corporate experience,” said Spatial Insights president Don Segal. “The project was complicated because Schnabel needed to perform some complex queries, both from a relational and spatial standpoint. Fortunately, advances in spatial analytic software allowed us to accomplish this in a way that makes using the information very easy for Schnabel users.”