Spatial Insights, Inc. today announced the completion and release of two extensively attributed databases of geocoded school locations: K to12, comprised of elementary and secondary schools, and Higher Ed, which includes college and university locations. The data supplement existing information sourced from the US Census and collectors of business statistics.

Data for the more than 94,000 elementary and secondary schools was assembled from government surveys conducted annually. Among its more than 500 attributes, K to 12 boasts student enrollment by grade, student-teacher ratio, and gender and ethnicity of the student population for each grade level. Specialty information provides the count of students eligible to receive free or reduced lunches plus migrant enrollment.

Also compiled from information queried directly from the educational institutions, the Higher Ed dataset features over 9,800 colleges and universities nationwide. In addition to name and address fields, attributes include type of school (public, private, or nonprofit), number of years (four-year or two-year), and degrees offered (bachelors, masters, associates), enrollment, and tuition fees.

“We’ve been involved with numerous projects that benefited from the incorporation of this data on a local scale, and felt that there was a need for a consistent and accurate database with nationwide coverage,” noted Don Segal, president of Spatial Insights. “We think a large number of industries, including real estate and educational services, will be able to leverage this data for improved marketing and related geo-demographic studies”

The K to 12 data are available for the 1998/1999 and 1997/1998 school years. The vintage of the Higher Ed data is 1997/1998. The data work directly with ARC/INFOTM, ArcViewTM, MapInfo ProfessionalTM, and are available in a number of industry standard formats, including .TAB, .SHP, and .DBF. Both datasets are GIS-ready, having been geocoded to the highest possible level of accuracy.

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