Spatial Insights, Inc. is pleased to announce availability of Freeway Premium v4.5, an enhanced drive time application developed by Applied Spatial Technology, Inc. Freeway Premium was compiled using the latest roadway system from Navteq (2007-Q2). Freeway Premium provides complete nationwide drive time analysis capabilities for the United States, Canada, as well as a new seamless US/Canadian coverage.

Freeway is an application that is used to generate drive time polygons and perform origin-destination drive time modeling. Drive time analysis is used to derive accurate demographics around a site and to model drive time and drive distance from one location to another. Freeway has now been updated with the most currently available roadway system from NavTeq, and is available immediately.

“We’re pleased to announce the availability of this premier US and Canadian data update and believe this release will provide great value for our clients involved with trade area delineation, demographic analysis, and related drive time studies,” said Don Segal, Spatial Insights president. He continues, “The data update, representing the latest Navteq release, requires less than 105 mb of storage space for the entire US, and is designed to perform accurate drive time analyses very quickly.”