Business Location Research (BLR), a Tucson, Arizona based GIS data products company, announced a strategic alliance with Spatial Insights, Inc., a Vienna, Virginia based Geographic Information Services company. In an effort to accommodate an increased demand for their new products, BLR has recently established regional offices. Through this alliance, Spatial Insights will represent BLR in the Northeast Sales Region.

Spatial Insights is a value added reseller for BLR, and have customers using BLR’s premier files, StreetNetwork 5.0TM, TrafficVolumesTM, and HighwayVolumesTM for site location analysis, sales prediction modeling, demographic profiling, geocoding and map production. The company also produces high-quality custom maps incorporating the entire line of BLR data products, with any other relevant demographic or business related data.

BLR Vice President Kevin Painter commented, “We are excited to work together with Spatial Insights. Both companies strive to provide the most advanced and innovative GIS products and services available. Combining BLR data products and Spatial Insights’ spatial analysis expertise provides our clients with a dynamic GIS solution.”

Spatial Insights President Don Segal states “BLR data is integral to the total GIS solution we offer our clients, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use foundation for custom GIS databases and applications.”

About Spatial Insights, Inc.
Spatial Insights is a geographic information services company specializing in providing innovative project consulting and mapping services, customized software solutions and data products for commercial organizations.

About Business Location Research
Business Location Research, based in Tucson, Arizona specializes in designing and developing advanced GIS data products. BLR provides GIS users with products for site selection, demographic, vehicle routing, regional planning, and sales territory analysis.