Proximity Studies

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

The Challenge

The success of many business-to-business sales efforts relies on “the convenience factor”.

  • How far is the closest branch to my location?
  • What are the closest 5 branches to each of my locations?
  • How many branches are within 3 miles of each of my locations?
  • How long will it take to drive from each location to the closest branch?

Historically, determining the closest site, or calculating the number of locations that are within a certain distance of a given site, was a painstaking, time-consuming process. Each location had to be manually plotted on a map and distances between the locations had to be measured and cross-tabulated.

Proximity Studies

The Solution

With our Proximity Study Services, we can rapidly generate reports that show:

  • The closest location,
  • The closest location within a specified radius,
  • All locations within a specified radius,
  • The “nth” closest locations,
  • The drive time or drive distance to the closest location.

We can even generate maps showing the locations of your sites and your target business locations.


Proximity StudiesSpatial Insights uses sophisticated geocoding services and spatial analysis technology to calculate distances between your sites and those of your target client.

First, the addresses for all of the sites included in the study need be provided (via email, Fax, etc.) and then the purpose of study should be determined.

The following options are available:

  • The closest target business location to your sites within a specified radial distance
  • The “nth” closest target business locations and distance to your sites
  • All target business locations within a specified radial distance to your sites
  • The drive times or drive distances from your sites to the closest target business location

A Spatial Insights technician will geocode your sites (see geocoding services for more information) to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. Distance calculations are performed using either radial “Crow Flies” distance or drive time from each target location to all of your sites. The resulting study can be delivered in Microsoft Excel or as a hard copy report showing the information you requested. A color map illustrating the results of the study can be included with your report if desired.

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