Drive Time Analysis

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Drive Time AnalysisHow many people live within a 20 minute drive time from my store? What is the demographic profile of the population within a 5 minute drive time from my prospective site? Is there overlap between my store trade areas assuming that each store draws from an area within a 15 minute drive time?

These are some of the many important questions that can be answered using Spatial Insights drive time consulting services.

Spatial Insights drive time studies use the most current and comprehensive road networks, coupled with advanced geographic modeling technology, to provide the most accurate analyses available. Together with our custom map production and trade area demographic services, Spatial Insights drive time studies can help you to gain a better understanding of your customers, and make informed site selection decisions.

Find out why some of the most successful retailers use Spatial Insights for their drive time analyses and site selection studies.


Drive Time AnalysisSpatial Insights Inc. uses the Freeway software package from Applied Spatial Technology. FreeWay can be used to produce:

  • Polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under user specified traffic conditions
  • Point-to-point drive times between a single origin and single destination point
  • Tables of drive times between a set of one or more origins and a set of one or more destinations

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