Custom Mapping

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Spatial Insights, Inc. offers high quality, full color custom maps produced by technicians with extensive professional mapping and cartographic experience. You may choose between five standard sizes. Letter and tabloid sizes are printed on high quality coated paper, and larger sizes are printed on photo quality paper. Additional copies of maps are available, printed at the same time the originals are produced.

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Customized High Quality Maps for:

  • Presentations
  • Market Research
  • Site Selection
  • Prospect Generation
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Franchising
  • Distribution Studies
  • Web Pages

Map and Analyze Geographic Patterns:

  • Trade Areas
  • Customer Data
  • Competitor Locations
  • Demographics
  • Business Locations
  • Traffic Counts
  • Drive Time Analyses
  • Shopping Center Locations

You can customize your map by selecting the variables you need. Our maps also include features that are standard on all the maps we produce.

Standard Features

  • Interstates
  • US Highways
  • State Highways
  • Major Roads
  • Residential Roads
  • Rivers, streams, and water bodies
  • Landmark features
  • Places/cities
  • One geographic boundary of your choice (county, ZIP Code, census tract or block group)
  • One demographic variable of your choice

Titles and Legends

You may select the title, subtitle and legend descriptors for your map.

Map Area / Rings

Maps may cover any geographic area. Rings of any size can be displayed on your map.

Thematic Variables

Display of a single demographic variable is included in the price of a base map while additional variables must be purchased. Please request complete list of variables available or view our master variable list . Most variables cover the following time periods: 1990 census data, current year updated data, five or ten year projected data; and conform to the following levels of geography: MSA, county, ZIP Code, census tract or block group.

Census data categories include population, age, income, ethnicity, housing, employment, and education. Daytime census, business, consumer expenditure, and consumer behavior data are also available.

Examples of daytime census variables include total businesses, total employees, number of gasoline stations (for example) or total retail sales. Examples of consumer expenditures include total women’s apparel expenditures, grocery expenditures, and total vehicles available. Additional variables can be added to your base map at a price of $50 per variable per MSA or county.

There are several options to display demographic information on your map. You may select the display method, or allow Spatial Insights to select an appropriate method. One method is to shade (color) the geographic boundary according to value ranges. Other methods include using graduated size symbols, dot density, bar charts, or pie charts.

Optional Items

You can further customize your map by selecting the following optional items. Include these items to make your map the best it can be by providing information ranging from traffic data and drive time analysis to crime and retail presence. Pricing for each optional item is constant regardless of the map size you select.

  • Business Location Data: Business location data can be provided for any size geographic area, selected by SIC code or company name. The businesses may also be selected by sales volume or employee size. Additional selection criteria includes company growth projection, presence of technology (computers to telephony), and company pension plans.
  • Crime Index Data: Crime data can be included on your map. Crime data is compiled from police incident reports and is available nationwide. An area is rated by comparing the rate of crimes against persons or crimes against property to the national average. Call for pricing to add Crime Index information to your custom map.
  • Draft Copies: Draft copies of custom maps are strongly recommended. They are printed on high quality coated paper and shipped for next day delivery.
  • Drive Time Analysis: Drive time analysis can be used to visualize how long it takes to drive to or from a location. The analysis takes the time of day and type of road into account when computing the drive time. Analysis can be performed for a specific site, or for an entire metro area.
  • Lamination and Transparencies: Any map or data layer can be printed on a clear transparency, which can be layered over paper maps or other transparencies. The laminate finish is high gloss, and in a thickness that allows maps to be rolled for shipping.
  • Manual Road Labeling: The major roads data layer will be labeled automatically. If you prefer, we can manually assign the location for road labels that overlap or are not placed in easy to read spaces.
  • Residential Roads: If your study area includes a residential area, you may want to see a finer layer of road detail than major roads.
  • Shopping Centers: Shopping center location data can be mapped and coded with the center’s gross leasable area (GLA). You may select all shopping centers, centers within a specified range of GLA or designate individual centers.
  • Traffic Counts: TrafficVolumesTM provide 24 hour average daily traffic counts for highways and major roads in metro areas. HighwayVolumesTM cover US interstates, US highways and state highways in rural areas. Traffic data is collected from local agencies and includes the most recent count, street name and nearest cross street.
  • Location Maps: Easy to use locator maps complement your sales message with an immediate, practical call to action. More people respond to your mail. And, get more customers by making it easier for them to find your locations.
  • Sales Territory Maps: If you want to increase your sales force productivity and deploy your sales force according to where your best sales opportunities lie, then territory mapping, design, and alignment are critical for the organizational management of your business. With the advanced geography-based technology, we can help you map, design and align territories that offer equal revenue opportunity, avoid territory overlaps, and eliminate areas of missed opportunity.

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