GIS Services

Leveraging spatial information for improved business decisions

Spatial Insights offers a full range of GIS services, including user needs assessment, GIS database design and construction, data cleansing, geocoding, custom map production, trade area analysis, custom trade area creation, demographic profiling and site selection consulting services.

Batch Geocoding

Through MapMarker USA we are able to perform cascading match logic which enables MapMarker to geocode at the highest level of precision. It starts at point level proceeding until it returns the most accurate latitude and longitude assignment available. In every case it indicates the accuracy level utilized showing the confidence you can place in the result.

Data Cleansing and Standardization

Spatial Insights can correct, standardizes and geocodes address information all in one step. By combining postal data with your choice of spatial data files from the world’s leading data providers it generates the most comprehensive set of address-level geocodes available and improves your overall data quality in the process.

Drive Time Processing

Spatial Insights drive time studies use the most current and comprehensive road networks, coupled with advanced geographic modeling technology, to provide the most accurate analyses available.

Spatial Analysis

Identifying saturation, territory overlap, market cannibalization, expansion opportunities and more.

Custom Data Analysis

Using your own data we can identify and create trade areas, territories, sales regions and more based on your specific customers, employees and vendors.

Mailing Lists

Through our strategic partnerships with some of the global leaders in business and consumer data we can build lists which target only the businesses and consumers that make sense to you.