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Over 14 million firms. Select by: Job Title, Business Type, Size, Sales & more. 100% phone verified.

How Does infoUSA Compile The Lists?

400 full-time employees start with the best available sources. Compilation is a year-round effort to keep our data updated and transcription accuracy rate over the 99% mark. 17 million phone calls to verify the information. Every business is called one to four times a year.

  • Yellow Pages/Business White Pages: There’s no better source for identifying business since every business has a telephone! We identify and update our database using over 5,200 phone directories across the U.S.!
  • Annual Reports, 10-Ks & Other SEC Information: Over 10,000 additional sources add to the depth of our information.
  • Federal, State & Municipal Government Data: There are a wealth of government directories and reports to gain data from.
  • Business Magazines, Newsletters & Top Newspapers: We stay up-to-date on all the latest on financial and company information.
  • Postal Service Information: We utilize Zip+4, Carrier Route and National Change of Address (NCOA) files which are updated monthly to ensure the most current address information.


  • Find the right businesses and the right contact names to call on.
  • Build a mailing list to send letters, catalogs or an email promotion.
  • Save time prospecting.
  • Save money by targeting only your best leads.


How is the business database updated?

All the sources from which we compile data are updated at least once or twice per year. But we don’t stop there. We make 17 million phone calls per year to validate the sources and to ensure accuracy of the information that has been captured. We also get additional information such as:

  • Key contact at the business
  • Number of employees
  • Validate the primary line of business

How does infoUSA get Credit Rating Codes?

They have developed a sophisticated computer model to assign credit scores to most of the 14 million businesses in’s database.’s model considers information such as: number of employees, years in business, industry stability, census data and other factors to arrive at credit scores that are practical, and statistically sound indicators of probable ability to pay. (We grant millions of dollars in trade each year, and we use’s own credit codes to help with those business decisions.)

Quality Assurance

You can rest assured that your infoUSA data is the most accurate in the industry. Our Production Clerks are audited for accuracy several times a week. Once the records are compiled we run them through Address Standardization adding Zip+4 and Delivery Point Bar Codes. All of our records go through National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing twelve times a year.

Every business record in our database is telephone verified. This involves over 17 million long-distance calls per year! We verify the accuracy of our information and capture additional information such as Key Contact, Number of Employees and Primary SIC Code.

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