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Spatial Insights is pleased to offer accurate and current ZIP Code boundaries from ZIPCodeMAPS. The ZIP Codes are produced monthly using US Postal Service data and CASS certification systems. ZIPCodeMAPS boundaries enclose the actual ZIP Code and Carrier Route delivery areas. Several 100,000’s of these maps, most with full street detail, have been used by over 50,000 clients, including over 74% of the FORTUNE 500 and the US Postal Service.

ZIPCodeMAPS has developed advanced technology and a proprietary process to accurately create ZIP Codes. The responsibility and accountability ZIPCodeMAPS has by creating thousands of maps with full street detail mandates complete accuracy and usability.

ZIP Codes are updated monthly to the highest US Postal Services standards, including the CASS Certification process. They are aligned to the NAVTEQ street data for both accurate and easy to use map presentation.

  • updated monthly, with each release of US Postal Service data
  • USPS CASS Certification Compatible
  • All Carrier Routes, including residential and business
  • Centroids for PO Boxes, Rural Delivery and Unique ZIP/Routes are available
  • Correspondence Databases that establish the relationships between ZIP Codes / Carrier Routes and census / political geographies and more are available

How People Use ZIP Codes

  • Target Marketing
  • Direct Mail Management and Analysis
  • Delivery Management and Analysis
  • Sales Territory Design and Mana
  • Customer Profiling and New Customer Acquisitions
  • Web Mapping Applications

What Do You Get with Premium NAVTEQ Aligned ZIP Codes

  • Formats Available: ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo Tab and MID/MIF, Text Formats, Custom Formats
  • Update Available: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual. Annual
  • Datum: WGS84
  • Additional Options: Full- and Low Resolution/Detail; ZIP Code spatial and demographic data

Questions to Ask When Evaluating ZIP Codes

  • Do the boundaries enclose the actual ZIP Code areas? (Important if accuracy matters.)
  • Are the ZIP Codes validated using the CASS Certification process? (Important to direct mailers!)
  • Are the ZIP Codes updated monthly? (USPS data is updated monthly.)
  • Does the database accurately place addresses in the correct ZIP Code? (ZCM is the only source that does.)
  • Do boundaries follow the street centerline, even when both sides of the street are delivered by the same Carrier? (The simpler methodology used by other companies creates a less accurate approximation of the ZIP Codes.)


Over 20 years of geographic database analysis and development has been applied to the creation of accurate postal geographies. Network Analysis and Mathematical Graphing contribute to ZIPCodeMAPS’ technology and process, eliminating the visual guessing and manual drawing used by older, less accurate methodologies.

  • US Postal Service data is updated monthly
  • The NAVTEQ street database is updated with complete ZIP+4 attribution of the street segment and sub-segments
  • Network Analysis and Mathematical Graphing technology is used to validate and enhance this attribution
  • The USPS CASS Certification data and process is used to validate the ZIP+4 attribution; exceptions are visually reviewed and resolved
  • Proprietary processes create the boundaries that truly includes/encapsulates the Carrier’s walk and the ZIP Code
  • The USPS CASS Certification data and process is again used to validate these boundaries; exceptions are visually reviewed and resolved
  • The USPS, including local Postmasters, use our maps and confirm the results
  • The boundaries are accurate and reflect the actual data…the appearance of “jagged lines crossing roads” accurately presents the Carrier Routes as defined by the USPS


5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries/Points

This is a database containing each individual 5-Digit ZIP Code in the USA. It is updated monthly with the latest USPS information and includes all territories within the country. The database is CASS Certifiable: our ZIP Codes are verified against the USPS Address Management System to assure perfect accuracy.

GBBIS offers boundaries for about 30,000 ZIP Codes and then 12,000 point only ZIP Codes.

Corresponding Demographics: together with the databases we offer 14,000 demographic variables by ZIP Code.

Output Formats: ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo Tab, & MapInfo Mid/Mif

5-Digit ZIP Code Database

This is a database consisting of a complete list of US 5-Digit ZIP Codes. We offer it in two versions:

Basic Version: contains city name, state abbreviation, and ZIP Code and consists of more than 42,000 records. The data included in this version is described in the following chart:

Enhanced Version: Complete list of US 5-Digit ZIP codes, with alternate cities and spellings as well as delivery statistics. The database accounts for every one of the 42,000+ ZIP codes and has more than 79,000 records. The data included in this version is described in the following chart:

Database Formats: Comma Separated Values or Tab-Delimited

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