ExchangeInfo PLUS

Provider: Pitney Bowes Business Insight

ExchangeInfo PLUS is a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure database that contains geographic and industry data on Wire Center boundaries, and Central Office and wireless switch locations. Wire Centers are the basic unit of geography for the telecommunications industry in the United States. They describe the organization of the local telephone exchange system. Each Wire Center serves a unique set of telephone numbers within a fixed geographic area.

ExchangeInfo PLUS is built using over 50 million addresses, telephone tariff data, and MapInfo’s proprietary technology and processes. It includes every Wire Center in the United States (over 22,000), graphically displaying their service areas.

MapInfo’s core telecom infrastructure database, ExchangeInfo PLUS is updated on a monthly basis, to make sure it contains the most accurate, timely telecom infrastructure data available.

ExchangeInfo PLUS is currently scaled to 1:24,000 using the latitude/longitude coordinate system and NAD 83 datum.

Database Fields

Wire Center Boundaries:

  • LATA assignment
  • Area Code
  • NXX prefixes with serving area
  • CLLI code
  • Local Operating Company name/number
  • Rate Center name(s)
  • Wire Center locality name(s)
  • Central Office V&H coordinates
  • Polygon ID
  • Activity data for most recent changes to the Wire Center

Central Office Locations:

  • State
  • LATA assignment
  • Area Code
  • NXX prefixes within serving area
  • CLLI code
  • Switch list
  • Rate Center
  • Locality
  • Exchange
  • Wire Center ID
  • Company name
  • Operating number
  • V&H coordinates
  • Activity data for most recent changes to Central Office

Wireless Switch Locations:

  • State
  • LATA assignment
  • Area Code
  • NXX prefixes served by switch
  • CLLI code
  • Switch List
  • Rate Center
  • Company name
  • V & H
  • Latitude/ Longitude

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