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CarrierInfo provides overview information about local and wireless telephone service providers. In particular, the product:

  • Accurately shows the service area footprints of local landline telephone service providers – quickly determining and comparing the overall competitive landscape of various carriers.
  • Allows users to determine coverage areas by service type (LEC/CLEC/Wireless), parent company name, carrier name, or operating company number (OCN).

CarrierInfo is designed to be a macro view of the communications landscape. Its sole purpose is to show the serving area region of every telecommunications operating company. The product will include a high-level (i.e. parent company) view of a carrier’s service area as well as a medium-level (i.e. operating company number) view of the service area. By combining this level of carrier information into one product, MapInfo makes it easy for users to understand which carriers serve a particular area. With the current product offerings, customers need three products (ExchangeInfo Plus, RateCenterInfo and MobileMarketInfo) to get the complete view. By providing one product, MapInfo is positioned to meet the user’s needs while minimizing product confusion.


  • Situation: A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) needs to know all the OCNs that Cingular operates under.
  • Application: CarrierInfo provides the necessary information to perform a lookup by Parent Company, instantly returning the individual OCNs that the Parent Company operates.
  • Result: The user is able to save valuable time instantly understanding the particular OCN(s) that this carrier operates under and is able to place inventory orders accurately, rather than researching each one individually.
  • Situation: A company needs to know all the serving areas for a communications carrier operating under various names in multiple states.
  • Application: CarrierInfo allows users to quickly identify carrier’s serving areas based upon the Parent Company attribute.
  • Result: Users are able to save valuable time to understand where particular carriers serve, rather than researching each one individually.

Table Structure

Table Stuctures

Bolded box indicates the primary key. CarrierInfo

Field Descriptions

[US/State]_OCN Table

This table contains information about LEC, CLEC, and Wireless operating companies.

Variable Name Variable Description
OCN OCNs that have active, US-based NPA/NXXs.
OCN_Name Full company name.
Alt_OCN_Name Truncated company name.
Category Indicates the type of service provider (LEC, CLEC, Wireless).
Parent_ID Internal ID linking to the _OCN_PARENT table.
< region > Combination of Rate Centers that have at least one NPA/NXX assigned to the OCN.

[US/State]_OCN_PARENT Table

This table contains information about the operating company parents.

Variable Name Variable Description
Parent_ID Internal ID linking to the _OCN table.
Parent_Name Next level up ownership of operating OCN Name. This is the company name that owns/operates multiple OCNs across the US.
Category Indicates the type of service provider (LEC, CLEC, Wireless).
< region > Aggregate of regions from [US/State]_OCN table.

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