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Provider: Pitney Bowes Business Insight

MapInfo Business Points is a comprehensive business database containing geographic points of business locations in the United States, and corresponding information about those businesses.

The database contains approximately 15 million unique business listings throughout the United States, and is sourced from GeoResults, Inc. GeoResults is a leading database-marketing firm, offering MapInfo unparalleled commercial marketing information. GeoResults data is the most accurate data due to their extensive data collection and cleansing methodologies; specifically due to processes of data evaluation & scrubbing, de-duping & matching, and address cleansing & geocoding. Developed from multiple sources, the data is verified, cleansed and integrated to create the most accurate business database anywhere.

This data allows you to see business locations in any given geographic area, as well as detailed information on those businesses including: business name, complete address information, SIC code, employee size at location and parent company, sales volumes at location and parent company, ownership structure, and much more. Using the Business Points database, you can perform tasks such as analyze the market for opportunities or competitive threats, assign territories, and build sales and marketing strategies with more information than ever before.

Additionally, MapInfo Business Points contains a BusID field – a unique business identification number – specifically to provide users with a vehicle to acquire additional information on those business listings contained within the Business Points database that have been identified as targets for further analysis, and/or direct marketing activities.

MapInfo Business Points provides users with the ability to perform a thorough review of the business information, from analysis to action, and continues to provide the best overall value in a national business database available.


  • Quality Data – The primary data provider, GeoResults Inc., has supplemented the base business data with its own primary and secondary business research and added in over 400,000 additional businesses across a variety of industries. This improved process has helped greatly with enterprise and multi-site businesses that were previously missing from the base data. In addition, GeoResults has enhanced the SIC and employee counts modeling process for all businesses to further refine this important information. As a result, the Business Points database accuracy and overall comprehensiveness displays marked improvements and continues to provide the best overall value in a national business database available.
  • Site Employee Validation/Re-Distribution Process – Our methodology maximizes the reasonableness of employee values throughout our entire national dataset. It is not enough that an employee value was reported to be X – the question is: “Is X reasonable?” The results are that our employee values fit in a reasonable expectancy curve, and allow the most accurate analysis possible.
  • Comprehensive Business Database – The total number of business records equals 15,171, 484 – with 100% containing Business name, SIC Code (8-Digit), NAICS Code, Address information, Employee sizes and Sales volumes, at both the individual location and parent company. Over 87% of the total business records geocoded to street-level accuracy!

MapInfo Business Points “Query Wizard”

The Business Points “Query Wizard” is included for FREE with Business Points, and is a task-oriented user interface allowing users to easily create & save queries that search through the database for target listings. The “Query Wizard” installs directly on the toolbar of MapInfo software for easy access.

The user has the ability to query the data for all attributes contained within the file, including:

  • SIC Codes
  • Business Name, Address, City, ZIP Code, County, State, MSA Code
  • Employee Size
  • Sales Volumes
  • Search by arbitrary region (i.e. select records within a custom polygon, such as Sales Region)

Data Packages

There are 16 Business Points Data packages available. They are:

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Mining
  • Contractor or Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Communication and Public Utilities
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
  • Business and Personal services
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Membership Organizations
  • Accounting, Architecture and Engineering
  • Household and Miscellaneous Services
  • Government
  • Non-Classified Establishments

Data Elements

Within each package, individual records for each business are included. These records contain the fields shown below.

  • SIC8: 8-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code indicating the primary industry of the business
  • SIC2: Contains 8-digit SIC Code for Business’ Secondary Activity
  • NAICS: North American Industry Classification Code
  • Business: Name of the company or business
  • Address: Address used by a business to receive mail which may or may not be the physical location
  • City: City, town, or municipality of the business
  • State: USPS state abbreviation for the location of the business
  • Zip: 5-digit Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code relating to the address of the business
  • Zip4: Last 4 digits of the full 9-digit ZIP code assigned by the USPS
  • MSAcode: 4-digit Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) code indicating surrounding metro area
  • CBSAcode: 5-digit Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA) indicating core county-based area
  • CensusCode: Census code indicating State, County, Tract, Block Group, and Block
  • EmpCode: Value derived from actual or statistically modeled employee size data at a business’ location
  • Emps: Actual number of employees at the business location
  • TotEmpCode: Code describing total number of employees in parent company family
  • TotEmps: Total number of employees in parent company family
  • SalesCode: Code derived from actual or statistically modeled sales size data at the business location
  • Sales: Estimated annual sales for the business location in $000/yr
  • TotSalesCode: Code describing total annual sales of parent company family
  • TotSales: Total annual sales of parent company family in $000/yr
  • LocCode: Type of building in which the business is located
  • OwnerCode: Ownership structure of the business
  • YREST: Year in which business began operations at a given location
  • Longitude: 6-digit NAD83 geo-coded longitude
  • Latitude: 6-digit NAD83 geo-coded latitude
  • GeoResult: Geocoding accuracy code given by MapInfo’s MapMarker software
  • BusID: Unique business identification number linking to additional business attribute information
  • BldgID: Unique GeoResults building identification number linking to additional building attribute information
  • Buscat: 3-letter abbreviations for MapInfo-defined business category (Ex: MAN represents Manufacturing category)

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