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Why is weather risk data important?

Knowing the likelihood an investment will be faced with any level of risk is good practice. And weather variance prompts a need for predictability that can support many different location-based decisions.

WeatherRisk variables include like hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds. Each of these hazards indicate measures of geographic patterns both in frequency and intensity.


Creating intelligent analyses using geospatial data.

Data and methodology

U.S. weather data is valuable for business development, research, or execution in all different industries. It was compiled from various USGS data sources where additional spatial analyses created a unique risk index score. Moreover, this environmental risk dataset is produced from analyses of weather observation and federal government sources like NOAA and NCDC. Additionally, here is the official data and methodology brochure.

WeatherRisk variables include:

  • Overall Weather Risk


  • Hurricane Frequency
  • Hurricane Average Severity
  • Hurricane Maximum Severity
  • Hurricane Index


  • Tornado Frequency
  • Tornado Average Intensity
  • Tornado Fatalities
  • Tornado Damage
  • Tornado Index


  • Hail Frequency
  • Hail Average Severity
  • Hail Maximum
  • Hail Index


  • Wind Frequency
  • Wind Average Severity
  • Wind Maximum Severity
  • Wind Index


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