Health Care

Provider: Applied Geographic Solutions

AGS provides two similar, yet distinct, database products related to healthcare – Hospital Discharges and Emergency Department Diagnoses/Procedures.

Hospital Discharges includes the estimated number of hospital discharges, as well as the total length of stays expected in a year categorized by diagnosis. The 822 diagnosis categories come from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and can be aggregated by Major Diagnostic Category (MDC), as well as MDC by type (surgical or medical). The data are available for the block group level and higher.

The Emergency Department Diagnoses/Procedures dataset includes the estimated number of procedures likely to be performed on residents of an area within a year, classified by category. This is not a count of individual patients, since many people who are admitted into hospitals will receive multiple procedures. There are 259 procedural categories, which are then aggregated into 17 total groups.

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