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Provider: Applied Geographic Solutions

Why are current U.S. Census Estimates and Projections valuable?

Updated census data only comes once in a decade so having data estimates and 5-year projections are important to any up to date research and forecasting. Almost every industry can find value in surveying current demographics, income, labor force, etc. for their existing market. 

Understand the diversity of populations, age, wealth, and race & ethnicity in your decision-making process.

Data source and methodology

The Estimates and Projections database is very extensive, covering many types of demographic characteristics for the 2019 estimates, as well as 5-year projections. Our provider, Applied Geographic Solutions (link), has 25 years of experience in demographic estimates and forecasting. This premium data set incorporates the Census Bureau’s American Community (ACS) survey results. The ACS is an annual survey that compiles population data, demographic data, income data for every county. During the decade after the census report is released, the ACS allows for accurate current year census estimates and future data projections. Additionally, here is the official data and methodology brochure.

Using “where” to your advantage

Market research is halted without the use of location. Visualizing current population estimates and their changing trends can influence a marketing or relocation decision. We offer various geographic levels for all project scales. 

Here are the available geographic identifiers for any of the following census geographic levels, postal boundaries:

  1. United States
  2. State
  3. Region
  4. County
  5. CBSA or MSA
  6. ZIP Code
  7. Census tract
  8. Block Group

For customized or additional boundary data including USPS Carrier Route or ZIP+4, please reach out and we can work on finding the best solution for you!


  • Population by household type (family, non-family)
  • Population by group quarters type (institutional, non-institutional)
  • Population by age (19 age breaks)
  • Population by age and sex (38 breaks)
  • Population by sex
  • Population by race
  • Population by Hispanic origin
  • Population by race and Hispanic origin (e.g. white Hispanic, white non-Hispanic)
  • Population by Marital Status
  • Population by Educational Achievement


  • Households by type (family, non-family)
  • Households by size of household
  • Households by age of head of household
  • Household type (e.g. lone parent male family with children)
  • Average Household Size
  • Length of Residence
  • Total Vehicles Available
  • Households by number of vehicles available
  • Households by number of vehicles available and tenure

Labor Force

  • Employment Status
  • Employment Status by sex


  • Aggregate Income (family, non-family households, group quarters)
  • Household income distribution (15 breaks)
  • Family income distribution (15 breaks)
  • Extended Upper-Income distributions
  • Median and average income (family, household)
  • Age of head of household by income
  • Median income by age of head of household


  • Vacant Dwellings
  • Tenure

File outputs

We can package your deliverables in virtually any files type. Standard delivery can come as an excel (.xls), comma delimited (.csv), ESRI shapefile (.shp), MapInfo table (.tab), or geodatabase (.dbf). Please ask us if you’d like as any other file type!

The data set is updated on an annual basis. Reach out for more details!


Please contact us for pricing information and start leveraging actionable spatial insights!

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