Data Products

Products that give answers

Through our strategic partnerships, we have access to some of the most comprehensive data available. Our worldwide catalog is one of the most complete sources of business and consumer data on the market.


Population, age, race, ethnicity, education, occupation, housing, income, and more. Current year estimates and 5- and 10-year projections.


The latest and greatest from the U.S. Census, with or without GIS-ready boundaries. Historical data from previous census years are also available.

Streets, Boundaries, Map Features

GIS-ready points, lines, and polygon vector data for use in most GIS applications.

Business Data

Daytime population and establishment counts, employee counts, and payroll by SIC or NAICS. Define your own address-level specialty datasets of banks, shopping centers, and mailing lists.

Lifestyle Segmentation

“Birds of a feather flock together.” And shop together. Cluster your customers according to demographics and consumer behavior.


Dollars spent on women’s apparel, households that use credit cards, direct mailing lists, and more about consumers can be found in this category.

Telecom & Utilities

From end office switches to wirecenters, telecom data geo-enables wireless, landline, cable, and telemarketing applications.

Traffic Counts

Carefully assembled from local municipalities, traffic counts provide intersection-level traffic volumes.


Topographic elevation data, weather, air quality, and earthquake data.