Case Studies

Washington D.C. Commute Times

A Washington, D.C.-based insurance company with over 150 employees reached out to us in search of a solution to what is hardly an uncommon problem.

The Problem

Through a company-wide survey, the firm discovered that the average employee commute was nearly 60 minutes both to and from work each and every day. So, in an effort to create a better quality of life for their staff, they asked us if there was anything we could do about these lengthy drives.

The Process

Through a sophisticated and proprietary analytic process called Harmonic Convergence Analysis (HCA), we were able to determine every possible route, in all directions, that each employee could reach – and all within a 30-minute driving window.

The Solution

Based on the final HCA data, we then identified potential target areas of relocation for the business (accurate to within 1/16th of a mile) to effectively reduce more than 75% of the employees’ commutes by half.

Creating Nationwide Trade Areas

A nationwide social artistry company with nearly 3,700 venues needed help designating sales territories.

The Problem

When a small social art and wine outlet expanded to thousands of locations in 47 states, they realized that their overlapping sale force was not as efficient as it could be.

The Process

The process started by using one of our strategic partnerships to obtain the most recent, and most granular, postal boundaries available. Using this as the benchmark, we began to carve out custom boundaries for each sales representative. Finally, we designated each venue as well as the 4 million+ registered participants to a newly defined territory.

The Solution

By using postal boundaries as the foundation, we were able to define a complex system of custom boundaries without any overlap or gap in coverage. The time saved by using an existing series of boundaries that could easily be associate each venue allowed us to get the results in our client’s hands for fast implementation.

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