TrendMap OCX

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Put the analysis capability of our TrendMap application into your own application.

TrendMap OCX allows you to:

  • map accurate trade areas from geocoded customer surveys or POS data based on customer density or revenue distribution
  • map trends with any type of geocoded point data
  • map customer density or revenue concentration
  • identify and quantify the effects of trade area overlap and cannibalization
  • accurately define demographic profiles of your customers

TrendMap works directly with your georeferenced customer data and imports MapInfo .TAB, .DBF, .XLS, .MDB, and ASCII format files.

TrendMap output format options include MapInfo .TAB and .MID/.MIF, ArcView .SHP, and Atlas .BNA format files.

TrendMap uses a proprietary spatial filtering algorithm developed specifically to address trade area definition using customer based point-of-sale data.

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