Software Products

Batch Map Production

Makes multiple map and report generation easy.

  • Map-O-Matic: Automatic map generator plug-in for MapInfo.

Data Analysis

Reveal connections in your data using drive time, routing, trade area analysis, and other spatial and data modeling tools.

  • Data Indexing: Mathematically combine, weight and index as many as 50 variables in one step.
  • Disaggregator: Disaggregate or aggregate data variables to different levels of geographic resolution.
  • Point2Point: Determine the closest N% of customers and the Nth closest customers to a store location.
  • RouteFinder: A network analysis system for MapInfo Professional.
  • Vertical Mapper: Enhance geographic visualization.

Development Tools

Create your own custom GIS applications.

  • Freeway 2015 and Freeway 2015 Premium OSM: Perform drive time analyses anywhere in US or Canada.
  • MapBasic: MapInfo’s BASIC-like programming language for automating repetitive processing or creating custom MapInfo applications.
  • MapX: ActiveX control allowing mapping integration with a variety of applications.
  • MapXMobile: MapX Mobile enables the creation of custom mapping applications or map enablement of applications & solutions on the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 operating system.
  • MapXtend: A Java development tool for creating client-server location based applications running on wireless handheld devices.
  • MapXtreme 2008 (.NET): Enables developers who are familiar with Microsoft’s .NET technology to incorporate mapping capabilities in their desktop or web products and solutions.
  • MapXtreme NT & MapXtreme Java: Mapping server allowing developers to distribute mapping capabilities over an intranet or the Internet.
  • Routing J Server: Developer’s tool for calculating point-to-point routes within mapping applications as a Java component that can be easily integrated into MapXtreme or MapX solutions.
  • Routing J Server Canada
  • TrendMap: Map accurate trade areas.
  • TrendMap OCX: ActiveX control for trade area analysis.


Render address databases ‘mappable’ by assigning latitude and longitude coordinates.

GIS and Mapping

Visualize, analyze and model spatial relationships.

  • MapInfo Discovery: A simple extension to MapInfo Professional that enables users to publish maps to an online catalog and allow all users within their organization to interactively view and interrogate the maps via their browser.
  • MapInfo Professional: MapInfo’s flagship product. Perform sophisticated and extensive data analysis. Create highly detailed maps that enhance presentations and aid in decision-making. Manage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property. Plan logistics, prepare for emergency response and much more.

Integrated Reporting Systems

Examine the demographic “who and where” of your market area.


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