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Spatial Insights introduces RouteFinder, a network analysis system created by Pitney Bowes for MapInfo Professional or ArcGIS 8 & 9. As a MapBasic application running within MapInfo or as an extension for ESRI’s ArcGIS, RouteFinder enables users to solve routing-related tasks from within their GIS.

RouteFinder functionality includes:

  • Point to Point Routing: Calculate the route from one point to another, with any number of via points.
  • Drive Time Polygon Generation (Isochrones): Create isochrones from one or more points at a time (for analysis of location of facilities). This option will draw boundaries based on the drive times or drive distances that have been set up in the preferences menu item.
  • Drive Time Link Generation (Link Isochrones): Similar to the polygon generation, this option will shade the border lines only based on the drive times or drive distances that have been set up in the preferences menu item.
  • Multi-Center Drive Time Link Generation (Multi-Center Link Isochrones): This option is used to show multiple link-based isochrones on a single map.
  • The Traveling Salesman Problem Solved: This algorithm will show the optimized route around a series of points, allowing you to calculate the best order to visit a number of customers.
  • The IsoGrid Option: This option will create a grid-based isochrone.

Users will need to provide a topologically correct road network. In creating your own network from an existing database of streets, you can get route descriptions and temporarily close or slow down the speed limits for roads. RouteFinder is able to handle very large networks and identify topological problems in road networks.

Recommended roads include CartoUS Roads Bundle (TIGER* based), Teleatlas Route Logistics, and Navteq streets. Please contact us online for more information.

*Because TIGER lacks information about one-way streets and overpasses, it may not be the best streets data for all users. TIGER-based roads are suitable if the user does not need directions, the route will not be shown on a map, a few errors are acceptable, and the user just needs the drive distances or drive times.

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