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MapXtreme Java

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MapXtreme NT Edition

MapXtreme is a web-based mapping application server that provides access to the entire suite of MapInfo Professional features using an ActiveX development environment. Appropriate for both intranet and internet environments, MapXtreme allows users to access full mapping and spatial analysis functionality through their browser. Leading companies use mapping to make decisions on where to market and sell, manage and protect physical assets, and transport products efficiently. MapXtreme offers powerful functionality to solve these applications.

MapXtreme provides support for Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP), and includes sample applications that make it easy to get up and running. The new Sample App Wizard makes it very simple to start testing ideas or get a jump start on developing applications.

For those customers that do not have an established web operation or have not chosen an application server, MapInfo offers the option of bundling with a powerful application server from HAHT Software. The HAHT application server, web site development and publishing tools provide the developer with a complete set of integrated tools to create applications quickly and easily. Developers are not required to use the HAHT tools, but they are available to provide a convenient and complete package for developing applications.

MapXtreme Java Edition

MapXtreme Java Edition is a mapping server for a corporate Internet, Extranet or Intranet. Delivered with a robust object model as well as a Java Server Pages library of mapping components, MapXtreme Java Edition gives developers a highly visual, intuitive map component for integration with any web application.

MapXtreme Java Edition satisfies the need for multi-platform, high quality, high-performance and easy-to-use mapping products. MapXtreme Java Edition is a 100% pure Java mapping server engine that conforms to the SUN J2EE specification. This means that MapXtreme Java Edition is standards based and supports the latest available enterprise technology.

New Features

MapXtreme NT Edition

MapXtreme 3.0 focuses on performance and ease of deployment. A new sample application Wizard makes it easier than ever for customers that use Microsoft’s ASP product to deploy powerful web mapping applications. Other features such as new objects and support for additional data formats make MapXtreme 3.0 a much more powerful development tool.

The new features and benefits of MapXtreme 3.0 are as follows:

NEW – Sample Application Wizard

The developer will benefit from a new sample application wizard which allows the user to quickly develop and deploy sample applications. The modular design of the wizard tool allows the developer to build a sample app that includes only the features they are interested in using. The app builder will guide the developer through the process of setting up applications such as ‘find the nearest’ or thematic analysis. The sample applications create ASP code that the developer can then modify, extend or change to meet any custom requirement.

NEW – Label Thematics

New labeling feature that allows the appearance of a label to be controlled by a value in the data base. For example, rather than have all the labels in one font, labels can now have font, color or size be driven by some value in the data base. The screen shot below shows how labels can have different size, font and color.

NEW – Save State Object

Saving state means remembering what a given user of the application was doing – i.e. what layers were turned on, how far was he/she zoomed in, what were they looking at etc. This is usually a cumbersome development process that MapXtreme 3.0 greatly simplifies. A new Save State Object will remember all of that information for the developer so that they do not need to write code to do that. This will greatly decrease the time and effort involved in deploying an application.

NEW – Support for Additional Raster formats

MapXtreme 3.0 includes raster handlers for the following new raster formats:

  • ADRG
  • CIB
  • ASRP
  • NITF

MapXtreme also supports the ECW and MrSID formats.

MapXtreme Java Edition

NEW – Prototype Wizard tool

A rapid deployment tool allows application development without any coding. In addition to creating an application, the wizard automatically writes the code that is then available to the developer if they choose to modify or extend the application. BENEFIT: This feature will significantly reduce the development time for prototypes and can be used as a starting point for more complex applications. It also expands the target customer set to include less-technical users than the traditional highly skilled Java developer.

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