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MapMarker World (MMW) is a server product that is delivered via the Envinsa platform. As such, it is designed to run on any platform supported by Envinsa. MMW utilizes the MapMarker Java geocoding engine, offering users a .NET, Java or web services interface to the technology.

The product ships with a database of over 2.2 million populated cities and towns. MapMarker World will accept city names in a variety of languages, depending on data availability, using ISO Latin 1 characters only for Version.1.0. This means non-Latin characters found in Cyrillic, Kanji or Chinese will not be considered at this time.

Users may purchase data based upon continent or for the world as a whole. The continent designations are North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Aus/Pac (includes Australia and New Zealand), Africa, and South America. MMW uses the normal Envinsa Location Utility API which is used to access any and all MapMarker geocoders which are now incorporated within Envinsa as separate components specifically for server use.

Although it will accept a full address, MMW does not typically consider the street address information – only the city and country code (3 character ISO standard) or a postcode plus the country indicator. If both city and postcode are entered MMW will determine which value is more granular and return the appropriate centroid. For countries like England, the postcode centroid is a far more precise location than is the city centroid, where in Germany the opposite is true. MMW successfully determines which information to use in order to return the most accurate result.


  • City centroid geocoding for 268 countries
  • 109 of those countries also offer postcode centroid precision.
  • Generally accepted spellings (including accents) for cities are recognized. For example, entering Munich or Müenchen will return the same location.
  • MMW is delivered via Envinsa, using the normal Location Utility API

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