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MapMarker Plus is a geocoding engine that turns ordinary data records containing address information into geographic objects that can be displayed on a map. This helps users to better see relationships in their data. MapMarker Plus Canada allows geocoding of Canadian street addresses, intersections and postal codes. This product will lay the foundation for location products and services for Canada.

The latest release is the first one to include the Java-based engine. This makes MapMarker Plus Canada platform independent. When deployed in server mode the Java engine will be multi-threaded – meaning that the servlet container can process multiple requests, such as parsing and address geocoding, at the same time. This allows for a more efficient use of hardware. The GUI interface will remain the same so that desktop users will not notice any difference with the Java engine.

MapMarker Plus Canada allows for seamless integration of U.S. and Canadian geocoding. Customers who license both Canadian and U.S. MapMarker Plus products can geocode Canadian and U.S. addresses without having to switch back and forth between geocoding engines.

Every geocode candidate will include new attributes, based upon the Dissemination Area (DA) associated with that address. These attributes include:

  • CSD Census Subdivision
  • CD Census Division
  • CT Census Tract
  • PR Province Code
  • CMA Census Metro Area

MapMarker for Other Countries

MapMarker is also available for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • United States
  • New Zealand


  • Candidate Visualization Added to the GUI: Enables the user of the desktop implementation to view the location of the candidates on a map. This feature assumes that the user already has purchased StreetPro, which is the backdrop for the maps. For customers who wish to geocode US addresses via the GUI, Candidate Visualization will automatically select the correct maps for display – again, assuming the user has street files for that country.
  • Data Unlocking Introduced: Designed to match the US behavior, MapMarker Plus Canada now ships with all provinces on the CD. Each customer will have to unlock the provinces they have purchased using the same scheme now in place in the US product, i.e. by calling Customer Service for an unlocking code.
  • Dissemination Areas (DAs): Enumeration Areas (EAs), the unit for census collection, have been replaced by Dissemination Area boundary identifiers (DAs)
  • Candidates with Full 6-Character Postal Code: Candidates display all LDUs for a given FSA to enable users to make a more accurate selection.
  • Automatic and Interactive Geocoding: MapMarker Plus runs in both automatic and Interactive mode. Automatic mode may be used on the first pass to geocode most of the table. For unmatched records, interactive mode may be used to individually choose the best match from a list of suggestions. This feature has been enhanced to include: a “multiple match” option for intersections that will list all possible candidates in the candidate list area if MapMarker Plus cannot find an intersection; a longitude and latitude is returned when using the fallback to postal code option; and the full postal code is displayed after a postal centroid is matched.
  • Best Quality Street Address Matching Information for Canada: MapMarker Plus Canada has geocoding capabilities for towns with populations as small as 700 people. There are over 1,700 towns with address range information.
  • Geocodes “French-style” Addresses: For example, if a user is geocoding a “French-style” street named Rue Frontenac, MapMarker Plus Canada will recognize the street as Frontenac instead of Rue. Other geocoders will recognize this street as Rue.
  • Simple Data Cleansing: Cleans up postal code data and simple street spelling errors prior to geocoding to improve match rates.
  • Ease of Use Geocoding Both Canadian and U.S. Addresses: If a user licenses both U.S. and Canadian MapMarker products, he/she can geocode both Canadian and U.S. addresses using the same code to the server without switching the servers or geocoders. The software is intelligent enough to intercept each address to determine whether the address is Canadian or American. It then passes the address to the appropriate address dictionary/coding guide for geocoding. (Note: Both U.S. and Canadian products must be purchased separately.)
  • Offset Positioning: Allows the user to push back the match from the street for better data display (no overlap with street segments).
  • Fallback Geocoding: This allows users to select a combination of methods, each given a rank of priority, to geocode a database. Methods available for ranking are address matching, postcode (FSALDU), and intersection. This method allows maximum flexibility in selecting a match.
  • Result Codes: MapMarker Plus returns result codes for each record it attempts to match. The result code is stored in the user table and allows users to instantly see whether a match was made and how precisely each address component matched.
  • Log Files: Log files let users know the success of the geocoding process. A log file provides information such as how many records were matched and by which method.
  • Quick Match: For geocoding without all the setup, the Quick Match button allows users to click and go. The table will be geocoded with the current preferences without displaying the Geocode dialog. This feature requires that the table be opened previously in order to set the columns and geocoding preferences. This can be done with address, intersection or postal code (but without mapping). This feature has been enhanced to include: a “multiple match” option for intersections that will list all possible candidates in the candidate list area if MapMarker Plus cannot find an intersection; a longitude and latitude is when using the fallback to postal code option; and the full postal code displayed after a postal centroid is matched.
  • Browse Streets by FSA: Allows users to input the FSA (first three alphanumeric characters of the postal code, aka Forward Sortation Area), and MapMarker returns all of the streets associated with that FSA.
  • Data Append: The ability to append census, postal geography, or other associated codes to the output file. Users can append their own custom codes to the output file.
  • Batch Matching: Allows a user to run an entire file at once instead of one address at a time. With the “multiple match” option, a user can specify whether or not to accept to geocode the first record found in the match candidate list.

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