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MapInfo Professional is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that allows business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography. Version 11.5 introduces key enhancements in the area of:

  • Ease of use and Ease of Learning: Major changes to the product User Interface
  • Data Access: Support for new data formats and connectivity to web-based data services
  • Data Discovery through Metadata: search for data within an organization or around the world.

MapInfo Professional v11.5 enables users to perform detailed data analysis to drive insightful decisions leveraging the spatial information inherent in their data. Use MapInfo Professional to:

  • Manage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property
  • Plan logistics and prepare for emergency response
  • Reveal geographic patterns in tabular data
  • Perform sophisticated location based data analysis on an ad-hoc basis
  • Create custom desktop mapping applications
  • Share content with other Pitney Bowes Business Insight offerings i.e. use maps produced by MapInfo Professional in MapXtreme, MapInfo Developer, MapInfo Stratus and Exponare
  • Visualize and analyze trends in spatial scientific data for mineralization or pollution targeting

Specifically, MapInfo Professional v11.5 provides key enhancements in the following areas:

Ease of Use and Ease of Learning

  • Maximize productivity by leveraging a flexible and configurable user interface
  • Streamline your work with the new Table List Window when working with data
  • Speed up dynamic Map Creation with multiple style override support
  • Generate effective and interactive output with PDF and MapInfo Stratus

Data Access

  • Open Google KML and KMZ data directly
  • Access data by connecting to Tile Servers inside your organization or on-line
  • Overlay Bing Aerial or Bing Hybrid maps with a click of a button

Data Discovery through Metadata

  • Search for data within an organization or around the world using industry standard metadata catalogs (the OGC Catalog Services Web standard)
  • Search organization’s own internal data or public or private data catalogs
  • Instantly view or use the actual data in MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional


One of the many great benefits of MapInfo Professional is that it’s ready to use out of the box but also easy to customize for your own business needs.

  • MapBasic: MapInfo’s premiere programming language for MapInfo Professional.
  • Map-O-Matic: Batch map generation.
  • Vertical Mapper: A powerful analysis and visualization plug-in; creates 3-D surfaces, interpolates between points, manipulates grids, and more.


The world’s premiere desktop mapping solution just keeps getting better. Here’s some of the latest additions to MapInfo Professional-making your mapping and analysis easier, faster, and better!

Local & Remote Data Access

  • Directly read dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, MS Access 2000 and multi-user, delimited ASCII in native formats
  • Direct access to ODBC compliant data sources
  • Manage complex geographic data in Sybase and Oracle 8.1.6
  • ECW from ER Mapper.; VMGrid from Northwood Technologies
  • VPF, SDTS, and AutoCAD 2000; fix for “Survey Feet” problem when importing

Data Visualization

  • Thematic maps: using ranged shading, bar charts, pie charts, dot densities, graduated symbol and individual values
  • Combine thematic options to create maps that display multiple variables from many tables
  • Attach data to any object
  • More than 100 projects available

Analysis Capabilities

  • Get information about any object
  • Donut/island polygons supported
  • Polygon overlay operation
  • data aggregation/disaggregation, erase outside, split, combine, overlay nodes
  • Create buffers around any object or group of objects
  • Geographic selection:
  • find any object, points within radius/polygon, lines/polylines within radius/polygon, polygons within radius/polygons
  • SQL/Advanced Querying Language
  • Relational query and geographic operators: contain, contains entirely, within, entirely within, intersectional/union
  • Mathematical funcations
  • Aggregate functions from SQL queries: Group or sort data based on any field or expression; sum, min, max, average, weighted average or count
  • Statistics: show count, total, mean, standard-deviation, variance, range, min and max of a group of values
  • Dynamically display sum and average of a selection

Map Creation and Editing

  • Raster map registration and display: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, TGA, BIL
  • Graphics import: DXF, ARC/INFO, Atlas GIS, Intergraph MGE
  • Digitizing to create vector images, support of Wintab and VTI digitizing drivers
  • autoscrolling to create or edit objects larger than the current window
  • autotracing of existing object with mouse or digitizer
  • Clone mapping to copy current map window
  • customize map objects: fill patterns, line types, symbols, TrueType fonts
  • Map editing functions: Reshape objects, snap-to editing, move objects, select multiple nodes for deletion, overlay nodes copy objects, create polylines from regions, create regions from polylines, smooth/unsmooth, revert table, clear map object only

Display and Presentation

  • Map clipping to highlight region
  • Automatic or manual labeling
  • Label position by anchor point, offset distances, callouts
  • TrueType fonts and text rotation
  • Large selection of text styles and symbols including user created bitmaps
  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Scalable labels when zooming


  • Print individual windows or layout
  • Supports any Windows compatible printer or plotter
  • Output to bitmap (.BMP), Windows metafile (.WMF) or Photoshop 3.0
  • 24-bit color and control over color dithering method, transparency handling technique, page size and defaults

Continuous Thematic Shading

  • Reveals the terrain of a continuous thematic map.

Cartographic Legends

  • Derive cartographic legend feature descriptions automatically from attribute data and metadata.
  • Automatically aligns items across frames and supports generating item labels from joined table

Internet Support

  • HotLinks, HTML Image Maps, MetaData Browser and metadata.

3D Viewing

  • Rotate, pan, zoom, query, drape and print

Object Processing

  • Create convex hull and enclosed area polygons; use MS Windows support for clip regions

Other Tools

  • Rotate Symbols and Rotate Labels tools; improved Scale Bar and Table Manager to support meta data

Data access

MapInfo Professional® provides built-in support to access and view a variety of data formats directly. This means you will be able to view your Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft …Access® or database data, such as Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server as well as many other file formats, directly out of the box. You can also view images of virtually any format. This capability ensures that MapInfo Professional will fit into your current IT structure directly with no additional cost.

Data creation & editing

MapInfo Professional provides many CAD data creation and editing tools as well as the ability to edit your tabular data such as values and names. This means you don’t have to switch between applications. Make all your changes for maps and data in one application and save time and effort.


Map display options are one of the great strengths of MapInfo Professional. You can instantly shade/change style or mark territories (using any symbol, graduated symbols, charts or graphs), boundaries, highways, fiber lines or points based on any tabular data values through a simple wizard. You can also aggregate values using statistical or any math functions to associate a symbol or a color to a point or a region based on a calculated value. For example, shade the sales territories based on number of customers. Trends based on geography reveal themselves, patterns become clear and better decisions with impact are imminent.

Data & map publishing

Sharing your results in industry formats is often as critical as the information itself. In today’s IT environment, the need to have multiple publishing options is critical to meaningful communication between applications. MapInfo Professional provides a spectrum of options for this purpose. From the ability to export data to any format, to publishing large maps with legends and charts, MapInfo Professional seamlessly integrates across applications. In addition, MapInfo Professional is Web-enabled. Publish static or interactive maps through easy-to-use wizards. Share the results in a format that best fits your needs.

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