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MapInfo Discovery is an extension to MapInfo Professional that’s ideal for anyone who wants to share their maps within and between departments. Now colleagues, executives and others in an organization can easily access interactive maps showing the results of analysis.

It’s easy-to-do, requires no programming or Internet skills, and most importantly, increases the value of the analyst’s work throughout an organization.


  • Fast, easy and cost-effective way to share maps
  • No programming skills or Internet expertise required
  • Maps can be viewed using standard web browsers; no plug-ins required
  • Increases visibility and value of your work
  • Increases information sharing among departments and with executives

Mapinfo Discovery


MI Discovery provides the analyst with the power to uncover new information and to put it in the hands of decision makers. MI Discovery allows companies to make decisions with impact!

  • A simple extension to MapInfo Professional: The MapInfo Pro user does not need to learn new technology. Discovery publisher is a new menu choice on the Map menu
  • On-line catalog: Easy access to maps and information via a simple URL. Users can sort by author, title or date and can select from thumbnail images.
  • Sort and view by category, map title or author to quickly find key information: Maps can be categorized for easy use by multiple departments or customer types.
  • Password protection: Maps can be password protected to ensure only the appropriate users see the maps
  • Easily post catalog to any designated computer on your network: MapInfo Discovery can be hosted on almost any Windows based system on the network. Requirements are listed in the requirements section.
  • Email links: On-line users can use the email link to send links to specific maps or entire categories to colleagues that need the information. Quick, easy and efficient!
  • Full dynamic map control – Pan, Zoom, Query with Info tool: Users can easily find the area of interest and pull critical information by manipulating the map to the view they want.
  • Layer and Legend control: The published map may contain many layers and themes that the user wants to turn on or off. A simple layer control allows the user to keep only the critical information while hiding the less pertinent information.

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