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AnySite MapInfo® AnySite® v8.7 is an easy-to-use yet powerful mapping and reporting application capable of processing complex data analysis.

  • Designed by MapInfo (Thompson Associates), the leading developers of predictive analytics for over 40 years.
  • Open Data Architecture enables integration of additional data or can support the data vendor(s) that your client prefers.
  • Can be integrated to your client’s proprietary data (RDBMS).
  • Powerful batch processing capabilities.
  • Multiple deployment options.
  • Platform for Analytical Plug-ins such as Smart Site Solutions (both standard and custom versions), AnySite Gravity Model (release scheduled for April 2006), Data Vending, and the Segmentation plug-in as well as custom MapInfo Predictive Analytics.

Designed specifically for location, customer, and market researchers, analysts, and marketers, AnySite is an essential tool for leaders in the retail, restaurant, real estate, and financial services industries. AnySite is based on an open architecture that will enable you to integrate the specific content you need from sources you prefer.

With AnySite, you can connect, retrieve, and report from your proprietary databases and analyze trade area data quickly, easily, and accurately. In addition, AnySite’s built-in user security allows administrators to lock down access to sensitive data and control which users get access to more complex functionality and Predictive Analytic Plug-ins (both standard and custom).

AnySite is easily deployable across a number of configurations including LAN, WAN, thin-client, and browser-based environments. Whether you need one seat or hundreds, AnySite is the application of choice for location, customer, and market analysis.


  • Analysis Wizard: Provides a simple 3-step guide to produce reports and professional site maps.
  • Trade Area Definition: Reports can be based on rings, drive time, freehand polygon or standard geographies such as ZIP code, city, DMA boundaries etc.
  • Multiple Map Analysis Tools: Dot Density, Thematic Shading, and Hot Spots which identify areas that meet your defined geo-demographic criteria.
  • Batch Processing: Unattended, automated processing for maps and reports, including template packages.
  • Comparative and NEW! Overlap Analysis Reports:Compare sites relative to one another with any report variables; determine quality and quantity of trade area overlaps.
  • Network and Multi-User Enable: AnySite provides global & individual preference settings.
  • Preference Manager: Administrators’ utilities to set default display layers, ring sizes, thematic colors, location layers, system options, plus much more.
  • Spatial File Cabinet: Integrate store and competitor information including updated sales, photos, plot maps, plans, lease and construction contacts, aerials, or audio and video data.
  • Seamless Integration with MapInfo: Access all the features and functionality of MapInfo Professional by saving the AnySite analysis as a MapInfo Workspace.

Major New Features of Version 8.7

  • AnySite Segmentation Plug-in: With the combination of AnySite and the Segmentation Plug-in, users can now leverage the ability to profile their customers, locate their presence and concentration within a market in order to help guide them to where to locate sites. The combination will also enable the real estate and marketing departments to share results and communicate more effectively through the same application to help create an effective target marketing plan for new store openings.
  • ImageConnect Integration: Aerial imagery is frequently used by commercial real estate companies. By nature, aerial imagery has a very large footprint. This service will make it much more convenient for real estate professionals to access and update aerial imagery for a site or market without having to manage the process internally.
  • Data Vending: This tool provides an easy-to-use means of extracting a licensed database from the system without having to use the map. Clients have asked for this feature to facilitate calculations with proprietary data to derive custom variables such as, percent household penetration, average sales by ZIP code, etc.

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