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MapX Mobile is the premier developer tool to create customized mapping applications for the Pocket PC. MapX Mobile enables Windows programmers to develop mobile applications for the Pocket PC. This release of the product includes Pocket PC 2003 Operating System support and Microsoft Embedded Tools 4.0 support. In addition we have also added the enablement of .NET based development which allows developers to use the .NET compact frame work to develop Pocket PC applications with MapX Mobile.

MapX Mobile based applications can run stand-alone on the device and leverage the Pocket PC Operating System resources. MapX Mobile based applications do not require a wireless connection.

The Pocket PC/handheld market expanded substantially in the last three years. The popularity of hand held devices has become significant to the point where it is being used by mobile professionals as part of their standard business tool kit. Since Microsoft launched the Pocket PC platform, hand-held computing capabilities on the Pocket-PC have improved significantly. Pocket PC devices today, like the HP iPAQ have the processing power of desktop computers of 400Mhz and 128MB of RAM. This hardware improvement allows mobile Mapping with smart clients to be practical and usable. In addition, the devices today provide vivid color, high resolution screens and can support pocket versions of standard Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. Files of this office application can be copied on to the Pocket PC device and synchronized using Microsoft ActiveSync. It is also possible to buy add-ons like keyboards, extra storage space, wireless phone cards, wireless LAN cards, GPS, bar code readers which will all complement applications built for this platform.

Target Audience

  • MapInfo MapX Mobile is the ideal tool for any organization with a mobile workforce looking to improve efficiency and productivity. Field workers can access and update critical information beyond corporate walls and make immediate decisions.
  • Additionally, the information gathered from the field can be transferred to a desktop and/or server for advanced data mining and enhanced decision making. MapInfo MapX Mobile addresses an organization’s need to be able to receive, view and analyze data wherever critical decisions are made-in both the field and the enterprise.


  1. Solution Providers for the Microsoft Windows Pocket PC Market
  2. Organizations with a mobile workforce such as utilities, telecommunications, retail stores, real-estate companies for managing vending equipment, ATM locations, new construction etc. MapX Mobile allows users to bring their map data into the field where it resides.


  • Mobile Solution: Take your location based application and data into the field where it is needed. No wireless connection required.
  • Support Pocket PC 2003 ARM Instruction SET: ARM is the most popular instruction set supporting StrongARM and Xscale processor powered PDAs and PocketPC Phone edition powered Phones.
  • Uses streamlined Object Model, extensive methods & events, efficient property pages/defaults, and other wizards: Quickly drop a map component into your application with very little programming.
  • Utilizes Microsoft embedded tools or optionally developers can develop in a .NET environment: Develop applications using embedded C++ or .NET. This leverages the skills that many organizations already have.
  • Take your data with you: MapX Mobile supports MapInfo .Tab and .Gst. This allows for direct transition from MIPro or MapX or MapXtreme to MapX Mobile.
  • ADO Connectivity: Connect to Pocket Access and Microsoft SQL Server CE via ADO
  • Enhanced Raster Support now includes ECW: Support for several raster formats, use imagery with your mobile applications and reduce the number of layers needed to show a map. See Appendix for complete list of supported raster formats.
  • GPS Integration with sample application and source code included: Ability to display dynamic data like GPS coordinates fed from a GPS device directly to MapX Mobile based application.
  • Object Processing Capabilities – Unique differentiator: Create applications that combine, buffer, intersect, or erase objects like points, lines and polygons and return resulting data. This capability is unique to MapInfo when compared to competitor offerings.
  • Customer Ready Sample Applications: Numerous included sample applications enable developers to “learn by example” and rapidly develop and deploy their application.
  • Thematic Support – Unique functionality (Market Differentiator): Create thematically shaded maps programmatically or on the fly to perform visual analysis of tabular data on the go.
  • Grid and Hill Shading display – Grid file support allows continuous thematic view of information: Allows developers to present highly-visual maps such as RF signal strength, weather or terrain maps you might see in a newspaper.
  • Standard user controls including zoom, pan, information, distance, and layer control: Easy map navigation consistent experience with desktop applications.
  • Label tool & text tool: Label any object on the map & place arbitrary text on the map for annotation to improve map clarity and quickly gain relevant information needed.
  • On the fly coordinate system/projection transformation including custom affine transformations and custom datums: Lets different layers with different base coordinate systems & projection to automatically be displayed in the same coordinate system & projection. Allows for quick map generation with minimum steps required.
  • MapXtreme Connectivity: MapX Mobile can display maps generated from MapXtreme using a wireless connection.
  • Pocket PC 2003 Operating System Support
  • Pocket PC 2003 Phone edition Support
  • Xscale and ARM Processor Support
  • Microsoft Embedded Tools v4.0 Development Environment Support
  • Exception Handling Support
  • Select STL (Standard Templates Library) support
  • .NET Development Support via CFCOM technology
  • ECW Raster Format Support
  • Performance Enhancements in: Display, Panning, Animation Layer, and Coordinate Dialog Display

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