AGS SnapSite

Provider: AGS

Using selected geography, radii, or drive time, SnapSite allows you to:

  • create and export databases
  • generate site reports
  • perform Mosaic Lifestyle Segmentation analysis
  • analyze and rank site signatures and multivariate statistics

SnapSite is available as an end user product with a wide range of options related to both licensed databases and licensed applications.


Database Creation

  • Output dBase or comma delimited ASCII files for any level of geography
  • Site database processing, creating databases with radius or drive time demographics
  • Batch or interactive modes
  • Demographic appending to geocoded files

Site Reports

  • Over twenty reports available depending on database licensing
  • Flexible benchmarks
  • Radius, drive time, and custom geographic areas
  • Site maps with road network, terrain, or satellite imagery

Mosaic Segmentation Analysis

  • Mosaic profile reports and charts
  • Market potential indexes
  • Profile ranking reports
  • Mosaic coding of external databases at the ZIP+4 level and higher
  • Custom segmentation systems

Analysis and Statistics

  • AreaRank which scores geographic areas using up to six variables
  • Distance decay analysis
  • Site Signature analysis (comparing a site to a target)
  • Summary statistics and correlation matrices
  • Multivariate statistics (multiple regression, k-means clustering, principal components analysis)
  • Histograms and scatter plots


  • Flexible licensing of databases and functionality
  • Freeway drive time and AST Locator (geocoding) modules

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