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WirelessInfo is a map database of Personal Communications Services (PCS), Paging, and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) company coverage areas. It can be used by telecom service providers, industry consultants, site acquisition companies, build-to-suit firms, and tower contractors for network planning, competitive analysis, and marketing analysis applications.

With WirelessInfo, you can:

  • Compare networks: Cellular vs. PCS
  • Find and fill in coverage gaps
  • Expand your footprint
  • Speed network implementation
  • Identify space on existing towers
  • Avoid costly and lengthy zoning and construction issues
  • Contract build-to-suit locations

WirelessInfo is currently scaled to 1:24,000 using the latitude/longitude coordinate system and NAD 83 datum.

Database Fields

  • Carrier
  • Technology
  • Service (Available or Planned)
  • Launch Date

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